ICPI revises Permeable Design program with CAD output

Source: Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Chantilly, Va.

Updated from a charter 2008 version and available in a free trial, Permeable Design Pro Software v2.0 for permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) generates time-saving cross section drawings with base and subbase thicknesses, plus CAD drawings illustrating calculated hydrologic and structural requirements from user-designated rainfall events, runoff flows from contiguous surfaces, traffic loads, underdrains and soil subgrade characterizations.

The ICPI program enables users to quickly evaluate PICP solutions for stormwater management in a pedestrian area, parking lot, alley and street conditions. Upon calculating the subbase thickness for water storage and anticipated traffic loads, it automatically selects the thicker of two subbase solutions and presents the PICP cross section as a CAD drawing. Based on user inputs, drawing outputs can include an underdrain, geotextile and impermeable liner if no infiltration into the soil subgrade is desired. The cross section drawing also specifies the height of the underdrain outlet as determined by the user to detain water for infiltration. Users can also directly modify the drawing cross section output from within the program, changing such items as subbase thickness, underdrain pipe diameter, presence or absence of geotextile, and an impermeable liner.

Other program modifications include the minimum surface infiltration required for designs now set at 100 inches/hour. PICP has substantially higher initial surface infiltration rates, but this value is used as a starting point to facilitate intake of all rainfall and runoff from adjacent surfaces into low or no slope PICP. The user can increase this infiltration value in the program based on manufacturer-supplied surface infiltration data.

The new software version can now be downloaded from www.permeabledesignpro.com for a 30-day free trial; users can purchase a license key to register and activate the software beyond that period. The program is available to ICPI members and design professionals for $95/single user license or $75/license for three or more users; nonmembers, $190/single user license.

ICPI is offering a complimentary Permeable Design Pro Software v2.0 webinar, February 25 at 1 p.m. EST, presented by Applied Research Associates Vice President of Transportation David Hein, P.E., and ICPI Director of Engineering Rob Bowers, P.E. Registration can be obtained here.