Bulk handling system control

Company’s Systems Integration Group develops software for plant managers who want to incorporate process control in bulk conveying, weighing, mixing, and distribution equipment. It designs software and hardware for single machines, as well as for systems integrating several machines into a single control architecture. Shown here with human-machine interface automation software is a control option that enables managers, engineers, and operators to view and interact with the operations of a single machine through entire plants in real time through graphical representations of production processes.INNOV-Cyclonaire-400

Control capabilities range from a basic localized pushbutton, selector switch operation of small processes to plant-wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Distributed Control systems. The company has the in-house experience to design and implement controls for devices that include weigh scales, mixers, blenders, and distribution-handling equipment. It offers a broad array of bulk material handling systems and controls. Typical applications include bulk transfer from storage and in-plant processing, as well as process-related handling of powdered, granular, and pelletized dry materials. All Control enclosures are produced to UL standards and UL listed. Services range from concept engineering and project management through start-up supervision. — Cyclonaire Corp., 888/593-6241, 402/362-2000; www.cyclonaire.com