apilion consummates Zublin machinery transition

The semi-automatic BCM mesh welding is geared to box culvert cage production.

Germany’s apilion machines+services has positioned the former Zublin MAB pipe cage machinery offering for a long-awaited market upswing on both sides of the Atlantic. “As a company we are well placed to take advantage of the global economic upturn and look to the future with confidence and optimism,” proclaims Managing Director Lothar Hartenbauer.

The ASMS series fully automatic welding machine yields pipe cages in the 13- to 124-in. diameter range. Circumferential and longitudinal wire feed is off coil, facilitating uninterrupted cage production. The model is deployed with packerhead and other highly automated pipe production systems in plants throughout North America.

Technical and sales staffs’ deep-founded knowledge of concrete pipe production machinery and methods, he adds, is a key factor when advising prospective customers on their choice of cage machinery. A well-established series in North American concrete pipe operations, the fully automatic ASMS remains the apilion standard, ideally suited for use with packerhead and other highly automated pipe production systems.

A recent addition to the apilion line, the SMS series semi-automatic welding machines fabricate 14- to 197-in. diameter cages.

A completely revamped version of the conventional semi-automatic “spear-chucker” type cage welding machine, the SMS serves those customers where output is not paramount, and has seen success in Europe and markets world wide. The economical BCM mesh plant, with integrated bending equipment for the production of culvert reinforcing cages, has proved a logical addition to the apilion line, as many customers have added box products alongside conventional pipe.

In North America, apilion’s sales support program includes 24/7 troubleshooting service; annual machinery check-ups by field engineers; and, overnight delivery options of spare and wear part stock from a depot in Bensenville, Ill., adjacent to O’Hare International Airport. — apilion machines+services, Lothar Hartenbauer, [email protected]; David Gwyn-Jones, [email protected]; www.apilion.de