Natural Pozzolans, Nanotechnology committees set for ACI fall premiers

Sources: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff

Committee 240, Natural Pozzolans, and Committee 241, Nanotechnology of Concrete, chaired by Lehigh Cement’s Robert Neal and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Konstantin Sobolev, respectively, will hold inaugural meetings during the ACI Fall 2014 Convention, October 26-30 in Washington, D.C.

The ACI Technical Activities Committee supports 240 formation amid climbing natural pozzolan production in North America, and in light of end use differences between natural pozzolans and fly ash. The latter is well established in the Institute framework through Committee 232, Fly Ash, Natural and Processed Pozzolans in Concrete. The new committee will allow for better alignment of topics and projects that specifically apply to natural pozzolans, plus expedited reporting on use of such materials.

Committee 241 launches with an expansive charter: develop guidelines and Tech-Notes on measurements and/or prediction of the performance of concrete with nano-additives; report on investigation, modification and modeling of the structure of cement-based materials at nano-level; report on application of nano-materials to improve the performance and sustainability of cement and concrete; report on development of smart materials and sensors based on nanotechnology for application in concrete; foster discussion on the selection of a reference material for comparing the effects of nano-materials; and, report on health, safety and environmental issues related to nanotechnology of concrete.  

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