Modular RR crossing system arrives at Hanson

Hanson Pipe & Precast is producing Premier Railroad Crossing, a precast, reinforced concrete system that allows for smooth roadway crossings over railroad tracks, its installation and life cycle faster and longer than alternative styles.

A modular system, the Premier eliminates the need for ballast, ties, and railroad fasteners, installing without spike kill and plate cutting. Using the crossing also avoids the need for track pumping, ensuring a smooth transition. To install, crews remove the old crossing, lay a new bed, put the precast units into place, re-install the rail into the recesses, bolt center pieces, and fit/fasten down the rails and settings. In some cases, crossings can be installed in as little as two days—half the time of traditional methods, Hanson Pipe officials note.

“Closing railroad crossings for repairs is more costly than ever, and the burden of shutting down major roadways for days on end can put stress on traffic flow and even local economies,” says Vice President of Rail Products Wayne Weszka. “Easy-to-install, longer-lasting systems like the Premier crossing can help solve those issues.”

Cast in 4- to 16-ft. lengths, the crossings include a diamond-plate, skid-resistant surface; formed rail recesses to maintain track gauge in the base module; and, a nonconductive rail boot that eliminates false shunting when trains aren’t present. The crossings are available for light-rail or freight systems, 100# rail to 140# rail, and curved and tangent applications.