The DCG90-180 range of forklift trucks, with capacities from 20,000–40,000 lb., is part of company’s new “G” generation of counterbalance equipment that is engineered to deliver improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, serviceability and ergonomics while reducing environmental impact.

The DCG90-180 forklifts offer greater total lifetime savings by improving the synchronicity between truck and driver, the manufacturer notes, adding that each model in the range is designed to keep truck uptime and driver productivity levels high while keeping lifetime operational costs low. One of the most notable changes ushered in by the G generation is the new EGO cabin, which is markedly different to its predecessor, with major upgrades to ergonomics and visibility inspiring greater driver productivity, efficiency and safety. The cabin benefits from a spacious new open design and curved front and rear windows that provide the operator with good views diagonally, forward and backward. The combination of a side-tilting steering wheel, comfort pedals, a rotatable and fully integrated Kalmar seat, and complete climate control benefit operators.

The DCG90-180 range helps optimize lifting efficiency and lower fuel consumption at the same time, on every lift. New electric and hydraulic systems mean quicker response, higher lifting speed and increased control. Meanwhile, new load sensing hydraulic pumps improve fuel efficiency. This combination helps drivers to be more productive while using less fuel. Furthermore, uptime and serviceability are significantly increased on these reliable and easy to maintain lift trucks. The improved electronic system of the DCG90-180 is fast, intelligent and stable to make the truck user friendly and reliable. The electronics also incorporate a modern, distributed and redundant CAN-bus that monitors the condition and performance of the engine, gearbox, valves and more.

At the core is a choice of two new EPA Tier 4i emissions compliant diesel engines. From Volvo and Cummins, both cut particulate
emissions by 90 percent as well as reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by half. Kalmar also has the ability to offer a Tier III Cummins until further notice. —785/229-1131, www.kalmarglobal.com