Plant certification initial focus of NPCA, PCI strategic partnership

Source: National Precast Concrete Association, Carmel, Ind.

NPCA and the Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute formalized a partnership during the Precast Show (February 13-15, Houston) to reduce duplication and increase collaboration in several program areas, starting with plant certification and trade show production.

For the first time, NPCA and PCI will coordinate their plant certification programs, which are both widely recognized throughout the U.S. Under the partnership, NPCA will continue to administer precast certification for its members, while PCI will certify plants conducting prestress operations for members of both organizations. PCI will also manage certification audits for plants presently certified under both the NPCA and PCI programs.

“Our partnership will create efficiencies for the plants that are certified by both NPCA and PCI. Instead of having two separate audits to prepare for, we will now have just one combined certification,” says 2014 NPCA Chairman Brent Dezember, whose company, Bakersfield, Calif.-based StructureCast, is a member of both groups and carries plant certification from each.

“This is a very exciting time, as we come together as an industry to provide more clarity in the marketplace,” adds 2014 PCI Chairman Dean Gwin, president of Gate Construction Materials Group in Jacksonville, Fla. “The partnership on certification will make it easier for designers to understand which certification program to specify.”

In addition to the certification partnership, PCI will join NPCA and the American Concrete Pipe Association in production of The Precast Show beginning in 2016.

“Industry organizations working together just makes good sense,” affirms PCI President James Toscas, P.E. “This partnership not only creates the precast industry’s largest trade show, but will foster better interaction and collaboration among the various sectors within the industry.”

“A joint task group from both organizations has been working on the partnership for more than a year,” notes NPCA President Ty Gable. “The task group believes that our future collaborative efforts will significantly benefit the members of both organizations and strengthen the position of precast and prestressed concrete manufacturers in the competitive construction marketplace.”