NCMA Foundation commits $200K to BIM for Masonry Phase II

Sources: National Concrete Masonry Association, Herndon, Va.; CP staff

The NCMA Foundation has approved funding to continue the Building Information Modeling for Masonry Project in 2014, as researchers eye development of a unit model definition comparable to other material interests’ structural databases.

The BIM for Masonry database will delineate physical characteristics of commonly produced concrete masonry units, and potentially other qualities encompassing—but not limited to—aesthetics, energy and fire resistance. With a unit model definition established, focus will be on a benchmark model of a typical masonry building to be submitted to BIM software vendors for review. BIM for Masonry supporters ultimately envision seamless integration of masonry systems into vendors’ BIM software. The Foundation has committed $200,000 to next year’s work, proceeding under NCMA Structural Projects and Research Engineer Dominick Dowds.