Aggregate shipment totals reinforce positive 2012 construction market trends

Sources: U.S. Geological Survey; Rock Products Magazine

Consumption of construction-grade crushed stone and sand & gravel in the U.S. reached nearly 2 billion metric tons (Gt) last year, up 60 million metric tons (Mt) from 2011. USGS estimates last year’s shipments split between 1.16 Gt of cushed stone and 832 Mt of sand & gravel.

Estimated 2012 output of construction aggregates increased in 31 states against prior year totals. The five leading states in descending order of output last year were Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri, combining for an estimated 588 Mt in shipments, or 5 percent above their 2011 total. In addition to the aggregate shipment figures, the agency also estimates a 10 percent climb in 2012 portland cement consumption over the prior year, attributing the figure to results from monthly mill operator surveys.