Bridge Paver

The Bid-Well 4800 bridge paver boasts new features that improve the machine’s flexibility and ease of operation. The new fogging system offers adjustable and removable spray nozzles that make the system more user-friendly. Located on each side of the paving rollers, at the burlap drag and drag pan, the independently adjustable nozzles can be positioned to direct the fog where it is required to adjust for wind, mix conditions or to certain specifications. New polyethylene tubing eliminates corrosion within the system to improve system uptime.

The 4800’s new skewable power crown adjuster can be mounted in-line on a straight paver or positioned on the frame at the skew when contractors are paving decks with a skew angle. This optional system greatly simplifies making crown adjustments when paving at extended machine widths. The power crown adjust allows the operator to make quick crown adjustments on-the-fly as the paving carriage reaches the end of the paver.

Two new 23-hp (17-kW) Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Tier 4-compliant gas engines power the 4800. One engine powers machine function and movement, while the second engine provides dedicated power to the paving carriage for a more consistent paving operation. The new engines meet current emissions standards, improve the operating environment around the machine and provide more fuel efficiency than previous engine models.

The Bid-Well 4800 paver offers several options to tailor-suit the paver to meet jobsite conditions. The optional 15-in. (38.1-cm) Rota-Vibe system is 30 percent larger than the standard system. This provides longer machine advancements, advantageous when paving streets and highways.

The paver’s two double-flighted augers efficiently meter the concrete in front of the paving carriage. Dual, 5-ft. (1.5-meter) long paving rollers provide a superior finish to the concrete surface. The paving carriage can be equipped with the available dual drag pan arrangement, which helps contractors achieve a better concrete seal and enables the pans to drag directly to the side of the slab.

Two leg options available to paving contractors improve machine flexibility. By offering zero-clearance paving, the optional swing leg design gives paving contractors an edge when paving in tight site conditions, such as overlays next to live traffic lanes and new bridge construction adjacent to the existing bridge. An available pivot leg design for the 4800 improves paving efficiency when working on severe cross slopes of 6 to 8 percent. This option allows the leg to be pivoted to a true perpendicular position.

With its 48-in. (1.2-m) truss frame depth, the 4800 offers standard paving widths ranging from 36 ft. (11.0 meter) to in excess of 170 ft. (51.8 meter). For paving widths reaching 200 ft. (61 meter), the 4800 can be equipped with optional ultra high-strength steel and a 66-in. (1676.4-mm) truss frame. — Terex,