Oldcastle groups masonry products into Artisan collection

Source: Oldcastle Architectural, Atlanta

Oldcastle Architectural has branded a collection of high-density, pre-finished architectural concrete masonry units whose designs reflect timeless aesthetic appeal with artisan, hand-cut appearances as Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers.

“The collection brings six of our artisan designs together in one place as a solution to designers, architects and homeowners searching for a handcrafted look but not willing to sacrifice modern performance,” said Len Browning, technical advisor with Oldcastle.

The new line includes Cordova Stone, which achieves the look of natural stone by using all natural aggregates for clean lines; Franklin Stone, which has the smooth texture and clean lines of cast stone with advantages of concrete masonry; Waterford Stone, a versatile versatile masonry veener available in a variety of color blends and textures; Dufferin Stone, a natural texture veneer with an elegant old-world appearance; Lamina, a thick veneer that offers a stacked-stone look; and, Slatestone, a modern product that has the look of large stonework highly sought after in urban settings.

Each product of the Artisan line is manufactured with a high-performance, water-repellent admixture. Also, the aggregates of each stone are mixed throughout to prevent color fading. The products are available in multiple sizes, and all are suitable for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Additionally, all of the products in the Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers line can be cut and shaped in the field making for an efficient and cost-effective installation. —www.echelonmasonry.com