Selling in a Bad Economy

Everyone has the same question, “When is this economy going to get better?” The answer is it will not come back in the near future. So what do you do?

Get Tough and Strong!
In these modern times, we really have life so easy. Of course, that depends on where you are from, where you live, and your status in life, but for the most part here in North America the average person does not know any type of hardship. We do not really know what it is like to experience hunger or what it is like to go through a winter without shelter or clothing. We are spoiled, spoiled into thinking that the world is a pretty place, people will always be nice, do the right things, and that all things will go on the way they are now. The facts are, while the world is a beautiful creation, nature has always resigned to the basic fact: only the strong survive. If you are not the biggest, the smartest, the boldest, you may be on the endangered list.

Being strong is sometimes not always about physical ability and in the world of sales, knowledge equals strength. Educating one’s self and being proficient in the latest sales techniques and methods is crucial to staying at the top of the food chain. The salesperson that can interact with the different types of social media and the newest high-tech gadgets and toys has a better chance of meeting or connecting with that special client. By special, I don’t mean the “golden goose client” every salesperson is aspiring to make contact. You know the one I am talking about: the client that buys all your stock in one purchase; the one that takes you to easy street. Those type come along once in a lifetime and not to every salesperson. That is wishful thinking, and you cannot depend on wishes. You would have a better chance being struck by lightning. By “special” I mean the client that actually makes a purchase no matter how small or large.

Being good at gadgets and media does not do it alone. Having a good command of the language (English), knowing and practicing good manners, following good etiquette protocol and dressing for success are the core of the basics for driving more sales to your door. If you are ready with all these “tools” under your belt and they are mastered and become habits in your daily activities, then you will be ready to seize the opportunity when that “golden goose” does happen to come along.


Remember your roots
Always remember that you would not be here were it not for the client; we exist because of them. The battlefield is littered with people that have focused on the “lunch” at their Lunch & Learn presentations, or had big attitudes, or talked mostly to themselves, and did not focus on the client. Know your client and their needs. Learn how your products can supply solutions to their needs, and you will make your numbers. Yes, it is a lot of work. Sales heroes come out of hard work and difficult economies.


Don’t forget to act
Put up and shut up! You will never have everything perfect and ready for every question you might get out in the trenches. If you are waiting for that day, find another job because you will not make it in sales. Clients appreciate salespeople and companies that will help them solve problems. Be more focused on helping them find the solutions to the problems rather than making everything perfect. Good marketing materials are important but it is the face-to-face, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude towards solving their needs that gets and keeps the business.

As Director of Technical Services for Easi-Set Industries, author Rick Groves oversees training and engineering support the company provides for licensees of its precast wall and transportation products. In his 38-year career with the Midland, Va., producer and licensor, he has also served as Fabrication Manager and Chief Operating Officer.