Magnesium processor debuts shrinkage-reducing admixture

Source: Premier Magnesia LLC, West Conshohocken, Pa.

Citing a potential to prevent curling and reduce drying shrinkage-induced cracking in slabs by 90 percent or more against undosed mixes, Premier Construction Products Group launched PREVent-C at World of Concrete 2012.

The patent-pending, powdered admixture technology “reduces both drying and autogenous shrinkage-induced macro and microcracks in concrete. PREVent-C facilitates expansion of concrete at the same rate as drying shrinkage during the curing period to reduce the capillary surface tension of pore water. Expansion ceases during hydration of concrete and does not continue once the concrete has hardened,” notes Premier CPG President Claudio Manissero.

The admixture, he adds, also reduces compressive creep and autogenous shrinkage; improves durability; decreases curling and related cracks, along with the potential for water and salt slab infiltration; and, enables a reduction in slab control joints. The product has exhibited positive results in lab tests and, more recently, field trials at a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation dam.

PREVent-C suits cast-in-place or precast concrete, grouts, mortars and shotcrete, and is especially effective in conditions where mixes are highly restrained. It is the first construction industry-geared product of Premier Magnesia (formerly Premier Chemicals), one of the world’s principal suppliers of high-purity, calcined magnesium compounds.