Boral Bricks tenders product for Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 at World of Concrete

Source: Boral Bricks, Atlanta

Boral Bricks will supply all masonry units for the 2012 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500, staged January 25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, amid the World of Concrete/World of Masonry show.

The Bricklayer 500 is a test of strength, stamina, focus and creativity, and a platform for masons to showcase their talent and abilities. It will see 20, two-man teams made up of a mason and mason tender, compete to lay the most brick while meeting strictly defined quality standards. They will have 60 minutes to complete a 26-ft. 8-in., double-wythe brick wall, which will then be evaluated and judged by 20 officials averaging two decades of bricklaying experience. Winners will take home more than $100,000 in cash and prizes, along with titles including “World’s Best Bricklayer,” Spec Mix Top Craftsman, Spec Mix Toughest Tender.

The teams for the 2012 competition will include the winners from 16 regional Competitions, four international teams, and 2011 Bricklayer 500 winner Ray Robinson. The regional events were held throughout the U.S. and Canada between August and November 2011. Competition bricklayers will hail from Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Utah, Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona and Alabama, with the international teams representing Alberta and Ontario, plus the United Kingdom and Australia.

As a platinum sponsor, Boral Bricks will supply all brick for the event, with product drawn from the commercial project-suited Architectural Design Series. The producer also supplied six of the regional qualifying events that took place toward the end of last year. “While the methods for producing brick have evolved over time, the skill and precision of a mason hasn’t changed. A true craftsman knows how to take a brick product and turn it into beautiful design,” says Boral Bricks Director of Marketing Shelley Ross. “Our [Bricklayer 500] sponsorship is one way to show our gratitude and support of the masonry trade.” —