Hard hat goggle retainer

The Uvex Stealth Goggle Retainer is designed to attach flawlessly to most hard hats, and helps ensure workers are protected by creating a proper, gap-free seal around the eyes. With its easy-to-use design and high level of adjustability, the goggle retainer enables workers to achieve a comfortable, secure fit whenever goggles and hard hats are required in combination. When not in use, Uvex Stealth goggles are held securely to the hard hat. Ideally suited for use in the oil, gas and chemical manufacturing industries as well as construction, the goggle retainer features innovations to address safety, comfort and value. Its neoprene straps are easy to adjust—even while worn—to quickly provide a safe, secure and comfortable fit. The accessory is available in two models to fit standard, cap-style hard hats and full-brim hard hats. — Honeywell Safety Products, www.uvex.us