Bank ushers investors into Jersey Precast

Dallas-based Allegiance Capital has enlisted Gemini Investors, Pine Street Capital Partners and Starboard Capital Partners in an equity investment for Jersey Precast Corp., with precast/prestressed operations in Hamilton Township, N.J., and Bethel, Pa. Their investment, terms of which were not disclosed, will help Jersey Precast grow its Northeast geographical footprint through organic measures and acquisitions, and expand its public and private construction sector presence. The producer specializes in engineering and fabrication of products and building systems for civil, commercial, marine and transportation construction markets.

With Managing Partner Bill van Wagner leading the transaction, “Allegiance Capital has been a valuable partner in helping us achieve our goals,” notes Jersey Precast President Amir Ulislam.

An investment bank geared to financing and selling middle-market businesses, Allegiance Capital lists among its deal activity (prestressed strand manufacturer) American Spring Wire’s acquisition of J&L Wire Products, plus transactions involving electrical and energy services contractors.