2009 Decorative & Durable Designs: Concrete Pavement Awards

Featured this month are winning Precast entries of the 2009 Concrete Pavement Awards Decorative and Durable Designs program. To select winners in Residential

Featured this month are winning Precast entries of the 2009 Concrete Pavement Awards Û Decorative and Durable Designs program. To select winners in Residential and Commercial categories, judges weighed each project’s design, craftsmanship, and site suitability, acknowledging outstanding achievement in a range of applications outside of highway work. Program cosponsors Concrete Products, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and the American Society of Concrete Contractors’ Decorative Concrete Council extend their congratulations to all project principals who contributed to a richness Û highly uncharacteristic during the past year Û of winning entries in the 2009 competition.

Specifications for the most extensive renovation of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain were subject to myriad demands of the owner, the Chicago Landmarks Commission, and the City Department of Water Management. Accordingly, the $11.5 million, 235,000-sq.-ft. Phase 1 of the Buckingham Fountain Restoration project Û now complete Û included site and utility improvements, plus accessibility, sustainability, and display-related upgrades. A key design challenge lay in replacing the existing pink-hued gravel with surfacing that would ensure storm-water infiltration, ADA accessibility, and the historically significant pink stone appearance. Unilock’s permeable Eco-Priora granite face-mix concrete pavers provided the solution.

In compliance with a Chicago Landmarks Commission requirement, the appearance of a pattern in the paver field was avoided by using a 49-unit layout comprising three paver sizes in a random arrangement. Following paver installation, gaps were filled with open-graded, pink-colored crushed granite to enhance the historic look without compromising accessibility and permeability. Moreover, the contractor developed a matching concrete mix for replacement of the stairs and perimeter curb.

Since stormwater regulations rigorously applied by the City Department of Water Management mandated on-site detention, the project team selected permeable pavers on a setting bed over 12 inches of compacted open-graded aggregate. The installation’s 40 percent void ratio and 85,000 cu. ft. (plus underdrains) available for water detention now exceed city requirements. Further, to satisfy demands of both the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Û desiring a grade surface of either concrete or asphalt Û and fountain aesthetics, a customized paver solution was developed that incorporates minimal separation (7mm) between units.



Awarded to: Thompson Dyke & Associates, Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois

Paver supplier: Unilock Chicago, Inc.
Aurora, Illinois

Projected to cover 750,000 sq. ft. at full occupancy of the luxury golf community (680 private homes), Belgard pavers comprising residential driveways, front walkways, and courtyards, as well as those installed in the clubhouse and common areas, contribute to a distinctive setting modeled after southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Extensive research Û including tours of the Andalusian cities of Malaga, Herradura, Sevilla and Granada Û inspired the paving contractor’s hardscape designs replicating stone, tile, and clay installations dating as far back as the 13th century. Standard for the development’s residential pavements are a Belgard 60-mm paver in nontumbled rectangles and squares forming an I-pattern in a choice of colors.

The community’s dramatic 30,000-sq.-ft. front entry consists of 80-mm Belgard pavers installed over six inches of Class II base. Mimicking brightly colored Spanish tiles, a nontumbled, rectangular Sedona (red) unit paired with a nontumbled, square Sahara (yellow) paver creates a diagonal I-pattern, surrounded by a soldier course of rectangular Sahara units along front-entry perimeters. A contrasting pattern, which simulates aged cobble stones with clay brick borders, features tumbled, square Toscana (gold/grey/brown) pavers in running random bond and a rectangle soldier course in Sedona red. At the guardhouse, Sedona rectangles in herringbone with directional changes resemble antique clay brick work. Thus, striking aesthetics were achieved efficiently and economically, after original front-entry hardscape specifications of rock mortared and grouted over a concrete sub-slab proved nonviable within the owner’s construction timetable.



Awarded to: Farley Interlocking Pavingstones
Palm Desert, California

Paver supplier: Belgard
Fontana, California

Despite torrential downpours and extensive flooding caused by Tropical Storm Fay in August 2008, no runoff or puddling was evident at Toyota of Stuart’s parking lots and sales area. Most surprising, pavement beneath the tires and undercarriage of each vehicle remained dry, thanks to Hanson’s Aquaflow permeable paver system. Protecting the dealership and a 200-plus automobile inventory from flood damage, which totalled millions of dollars just in the immediate vicinity, was a 41,000-sq.-ft. hardscape comprising 3?-in. (80-mm)-thick, 4- _ 8-in. interlocking concrete pavers fabricated with six vertical channels and set on an open-graded base. Moreover, the permeable system cost considerably less than a conventional asphalt pavement with requisite subbase and traditional drainage infrastructure. Besides hydrological benefits eliminating costly flood damages, Hanson Aquaflow provides a safe and aesthetically appealing surface for consumers on brighter days.



Awarded to: Hanson Hardscapes
Pompano Beach, Florida

Uniting all elements within a streets of Ireland theme was the design challenge for an ambitious residential project incorporating a renovated schoolhouse (circa 1880), original out-building, and authentic Irish pub replication. Additionally, a large, dry-stack stone fireplace creates a focal point, while a waterfall emerges from a retaining wall, and meandering paths simulate Ireland’s roadways. Basic building materials for the 990-sq.-ft. installation included Harvest Blend colored pavers for the 2? -in.-thick, I-pattern pavement with sailor border; Dakota Blend colored retaining-wall units for combination 3-in./6-in. seat walls and piers; bullnose treads; and, Mesa Verde colored dry-stack precast ledge stone for the fireplace veneer. Accentuating the hardscape are lighting features and extensive landscaping evocative of the Irish countryside.



Awarded to: Rock Solid Hardscaping, LLC
Bel Air, Maryland

Paver supplier: Ernest Maier Block
Bladensburg, Maryland

Paver brand: E.P. Henry
Woodbury, New Jersey

After cracking and settling of a concrete slab driveway led to persistent water seepage in the owner’s basement, a 1,900-sq.-ft. precast pavement was installed. This year, following several heavy rainfalls, water problems have been nonexistent. The solution involved excavation to a depth of 18 inches over clay soil and placement of a 15-in., recycled-concrete base, comprising two-thirds Ê-in. and smaller material and one-third fines. Subsequently, pavers were installed over a 1-in. layer of sand.

Project designer Justin Hampton specified Pavestone Venetian four-piece tumbled units in Stone Blend and green, 6-in.-square Plaza Stone pavers, plus Shellrock Products’ creme-colored Hollandstone, to achieve a vine motif on a field of earth tones. Executing the design entailed halving the Hollandstone pavers and cutting chamfers off Hollandstone and Plaza Stone units. At the perimeter, 12-in. galvanized spikes were used to secure Pave Tech edging. Techniseal RG+ polymeric joint stabilizer was applied to further enhance the project’s durability.

Credit for outstanding workmanship noted by the judges goes entirely to the father and son team, Jim and Justin Hampton, who design and install Û without additional employees Û every project the company undertakes. The prize-winning pavement was completed in approximately three-and-a-half weeks.



Awarded to: Paver Designs, LLC
Omaha, Nebraska

Paver supplier: Watkins Concrete Block Co., Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

Paver brands: Pavestone
Shellrock Products

To create a convenient entryway on a steeply sloped front yard was the primary challenge for project designers. Skillful integration of reinforced concrete footings, retaining walls, and Gappsi Stone Collection pavers enabled installers to accomplish the dual aims of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

After foundation footings were placed for wall support, oversized gravel and recycled concrete were compacted as backfill for the entire stoop. Hanover units facing walls and steps, as well as Travertine pavers comprising walks and landings contribute to the elegant effect offset by Moss Rock Boulders, which function as a retaining wall for planting beds as they extend the entryway’s natural appearance.



Awarded to: Gappsi, Inc.
Smithtown, New York

Paver supplier: Nicolock
Lindenhurst, New York

Initial designs for the backyard retreat offered every feature the owner requested, including a large lagoon-style pool with natural boulder waterfalls, a gas fireplace near a hot tub, and a Mexican tiled fountain, despite challenges that became evident upon surveying the site: a drop of more than 5_ feet separated the driveway from the intended pool location. Addressing the change in elevation, 1,800 sq. ft. of 2.6-in.-thick Athena pavers were installed to ICPI specifications on a compacted 21A base varying in depth from eight to 20 inches.

The hardscape showcases a random pattern comprising pavers of five sizes with a five-piece border design. The contractor’s selection of interlocking concrete pavers was dictated by multiple considerations, i.e., surface temperature of the patio in summer, color complementary to stonework on the house and retaining walls, and ease of repair in the event of issues arising with the pool or hot-tub utility lines.



Awarded to: Kane Landscapes, Inc.
Potomac Falls, Virginia

Paver supplier: Stone Center
Manassas, Virginia

Paver brand: Techo-Bloc
Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania


John Evans, director of construction services for Chicago landscape architects Hoerr Schaudt, manages a team of inspectors who ensure design implementation on large residential and commercial projects.

A senior project manager at Chicago architect Pappageorge Haymes Partners, Adam Lavey brings 20-plus years’ professional experience to residential and commercial projects.