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SIDE-DUMP TRAILER The Side Dump trailer part of the company’s Contractors Series that suits any pick-up truck or tractor with a standard 25/16-in. adjustable


The Side Dump trailer Û part of the company’s Contractors Series that suits any pick-up truck or tractor with a standard 25/16-in. adjustable ball hitch Û can haul stone, gravel, dirt, building-site materials, construction debris, and recycling waste. Designed for operators who find a full-sized dump truck unnecessary the smaller Contractors Series Side Dump can be pulled behind a pick-up truck or tractor.

The tub and frame are constructed of 4MM Domex 100 XF steel. The tub has a 3.2-yd water level capacity and a 4-yd. heaping material capacity. With optional High Side equipment, the Contractors Series offers up to 6.5-yd. water level capacity and 7.3-yd. heaping material capacity. The tandem axle independent suspension is greaseless and reportedly maintenance free; and, the adjustable hitch allows for convenient hitch-ups at different heights. A Gooseneck tongue hitch ball or fifth wheel hitch is an available option. Side Dump Industries, 800/600-3904


WMagnet permanent magnet synchronous motors and CWF-09 variable-speed drive frequency inverters reportedly provide efficiency levels better than NEMA Premium, delivering high-energy savings for a range of applications, including conveyors, pumps, and compressors. With outputs from 20 to 200 hp, company officials note, the WMagnet motor/drives offer efficiencies of 95 to 97 percent, plus low noise and vibration.

Product engineers report that the motors use rare earth permanent magnets in the rotor to limit temperature rise during operation for high reliability and long service life. That low temperature-rise attribute accounts for WMagnet motors’ compact size (between one and two frame sizes smaller than the equivalent power/torque ratio standard squirrel cage induction motor). Additionally, the CFW-09 drive uses a vector control technology algorithm for precision control without the use of an encoder/position sensor. WEG Electric Motors


The company’s 2008 Residential Products Catalog features a complete line of IRC 2006 code-compliant basement access and improvement products. Information is provided on a wide selection of basement doors, including the Classic Series Sloped Wall and Steel Sided doors and Ultra Series maintenance-free door. According to the manufacturer, all doors cited in the catalog provide convenient access to basement areas with easy, one-hand operation and feature weather-resistant construction.

In addition, the PermEntry basement entrance system is showcased for new home construction or remodeling applications. It consists of a precast concrete stairwell and door that are delivered and installed by licensed dealers.

Also detailed is the company’s line of emergency egress window wells, which add light, ventilation, and building code compliance to basement areas. Adding a ScapeWEL or stakWEL window well creates a warm and inviting living space in the basement, the manufacturer emphasizes. The catalog can be obtained at no cost by calling 800/854-9724 or e-mailing [email protected]. Bilco Co.


The new ÎStone MasterÌ WE14-125VS 5-in. angle grinder, incorporating VTC [Vario Tacho Constamatic] electronic speed stabilization, suits heavy operating conditions such as grinding, cutting and finishing granite, marble or concrete countertops, as well as grinding and finishing specialty metals. VTC electronics enhance productivity by constantly monitoring the motor’s rpm, adding voltage as the load increases to maintain the same rpm from Îno loadÌ to Îfull rated loadÌ conditions. A soft-start feature extends longevity of both motor windings and gears.

The WE14-125VS also incorporates CoolFlow technology featuring repositioned carbon brushes for unrestricted airflow and a fan that pulls 35 percent more air through the tool for cooling. In addition, the grinder features aluminum die-cast housing to facilitate heat dissipation and provide increased durability.

The grinder includes a LongLife motor and offers 12.2 A and 1,400 W of power as well as a 2,800- to 10,500-rpm variable speed range. To extend service life, the motor and other essential components are protected from dust and debris with double-lipped labyrinth sealed bearings, a winding protection grid, and epoxy-coated field coil windings. Metabo


Through its franchisees, Fast Wrap USA offers forest-green shrinkwrap to protect materials or equipment from weather-related damage. The green covers provide a fast and easy way to ensure weather protection, the company notes, while allowing objects to better blend into their natural surroundings. Sold exclusively to Fast Wrap by Dr. Shrink, an international premium shrinkwrap supplier, the recyclable, 100% virgin resin covers containing maximum UV inhibitors suit environmentally sensitive areas.

Offering on-demand delivery to the job site, Fast Wrap travels to a site to shrinkwrap equipment. Other shrinkwrap-related accessories include vents to help prevent mold and mildew and zippered doors to allow access to any asset without cutting the wrap. Û