Test Hammer Rebound Reflects Specimen’s Compressive Strength

Addressing industry demand for a concrete test hammer able to deliver readings on virtually any concrete from any direction without the need to compensate

Addressing industry demand for a concrete test hammer able to deliver readings on virtually any concrete from any direction Û without the need to compensate for impact direction Û Switzerland-based Proceq introduces the new SilverSchmidt concrete test hammer. Offering what developers contend are unprecedented benefits when measuring the compressive strength of concrete in existing structures, the ergonomically designed tool determines the true rebound coefficient (termed Q-value) and converts it to compressive strength. The instrument is controlled via a graphic user-interface featuring a single button and inclination sensing.

Manufacturer-cited SilverSchmidt features include extended range, greater ease of use, and improved reliability, as well as higher readability. It comes with various modes of statistics, built-in corrections for carbonation, and up-to-date conversion curves for a variety of modern concrete mixtures. To assure compliance with established standards, the unit also displays R-value.


  • Robust Measurement System Û SilverSchmidt measures the true rebound coefficient, or Q-value, which is virtually free of the error inherent in measurements of R-value (mechanical travel of the mallet on rebound) due to friction on the guide rod and the drag pointer on the scale, as well as the influence of gravity during travel. By contrast, Q-values are acquired optically Û a unique design feature of the proprietary SilverSchmidt transducer. Automatic correction for carbonation, specimen size and shape (form factor) is also provided.
  • Angle Independent Operation Û Reference to impact direction conversion curves is not necessary as Q-value is intrinsically angle independent.
  • Extended Conversion Range Û An extended conversion range functions at both ends of the scale: high end (above 70 N/mm2 [10,000 psi] up to 150 N/mm2 [22.000 psi]); and, the low end (below 15 N/mm2 [2,200 psi]). Curves describing modern concrete mixtures are stored in the unit.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards Û Data collection and statistical evaluation are user-selectable in accordance with major industrial standards. All measurements are stored in memory and can be reviewed.
  • All Readings Qualified Û Actual impact energy is measured in Nm, i.e., every reading is qualified regardless of range.


  • Unique Interface/Language-independent Single Button Control Û The SilverSchmidt features an interface that allows control of the unit by a single button and by scrolling between icons through inclination.
  • Ease of Operation Û Measurement results are directly displayed on the LCD screen in N/mm2, kg/cm2 or psi. Custom presets of parameters for various testing scenarios can be stored and recalled.
  • Low Power Consumption Û The unit’s lithium-ion accumulator lasts for many years without replacement. A single charge will last over 2,000 impacts. Charge is accomplished via a standard USB cable.
  • Extended Lifetime Û The unit is tightly sealed all around to ensure an extended lifetime. All mechanical parts are coated or tempered to high standards. www.proceq.com