Equipment & Products, Part Two

ROTARY HAMMER/CONCRETE DRILL While costing no more than the standard high price point two-speed hammer drill, the new 11258VSR -in. SDS-Plus Concrete


While costing no more than the standard high price point two-speed hammer drill, the new 11258VSR ?-in. SDS-Plus Concrete Drill performs up to 50 percent faster, product developers contend, when drilling ?-in.-diameter holes into concrete. An impact force of 1.4 ft.-lb. and a 4.8-amp motor allow the drill to power its way through concrete with minimal user exertion, the manufacturer affirms. Moreover, the 11258VSR’s SDS-Plus chuck and purpose-built hammer mechanism reportedly provide significantly greater product life.

For precise control in almost any situation, the company asserts, a sensitive variable-speed trigger offers an operating range of 1-1,700 rpm and 0-4,400 bpm. Control and versatility are said to be further enhanced by the 360-degree auxiliary handle with built-in depth gauge and ergonomically designed pistol-style padded grip.

The tool offers two modes of operation: hammer and rotation-only. The 11258VSR ?-in. comes with three SDS bits. A keyed three-jaw chuck adaptor (for quick conversion to wood or metal drilling) in lieu of the SDS bits is offered with the 11258VSRC. Bosch


The ST-550 Service Tracker is a technology that helps managers identify and reduce engine idle time, making jobsites immediately more profitable, system developers note. While eliminating wasted fuel is a major benefit, they add, reducing engine idle time also lengthens the service life of transmissions and motors, reduces carbon build-up, and extends the life of oil and oil filters. Moreover, ST-550 can contribute to companywide environmental initiatives.

The ST-550 Service Tracker transmits wireless, paperless and hands-free data, such as equipment’s hour meter, idle logs, work logs, and service alerts for preventive maintenance. Data is captured passively via drive-by activity. It can be installed on any machine, old or new, and has a low-power radio frequency that transmits data 100-plus yards. The system also works with the company’s fuel capture technology.

The ST-550 is part of a data delivery system that provides operations and equipment management with reports via the web or e-mail. Reports include equipment utilization, gallons per hour consumed, preventive maintenance services due, fuel gallons dispensed, what service tasks take the longest, and what equipment breaks down most often, plus other metrics. Its reporting feature updates management information nightly and automatically generates summary and alert e-mail for timely decisions. OEM Data Delivery


Company’s 2008 catalog features material evaluation equipment to determine concrete strength, moisture content, and rebar location, as well as perform ultrasonic, corrosion, and fresh concrete analyses. New items highlighted in the publication include the Cementometer unit for the determination of water/cement ratio of fresh concrete; V-Meter MK III ultrasonic pulse velocity meter; and, Mini R-Meter rebar locator. James Instruments


C-4 gas-fired Trak-It tool enables users to cut time and costs when fastening 2_4s to slabs, the manufacturer notes. Because the C-4 uses a refined Trak-It gas cartridge and chamber that provides a powerful charge for firing two 9/16-in. pins, product engineers add, it is the industry’s first gas-fired tool with sufficient power to fasten wood flooring over concrete slab. Powers Fasteners


Daraset HES is a nonchloride, strength-accelerating admixture designed to provide high early strengths for increased productivity and reduced costs. Accordingly, it is said to increase production rates through faster utilization of formwork, as it reduces energy costs by decreasing or eliminating the need for heat curing. Additionally, product developers note, the additive works well in combination with the company’s superplasticizers and allows the introduction of supplementary cementitious materials in the mix without sacrificing strength. Grace Construction Products


The Ridgeline, an XP-based rugged tablet, has been added to the company’s forklift and mobile line of industrial harsh-environment computers. The Ridgeline is a 10.4-in. rugged tablet with integrated touch-screen interface. The unit was designed and tested to withstand repeated 3-ft. drops, as well as meet IP 65 sealing mandates. Each unit comes with integrated 802.11 a/b/g radio, Bluetooth, numerous I/O, and many hard drive options. Users can input data via touch or pen. Special software allows for signature capture and character recognition. Glacier Computer


Moving from a dual-durometer to a single, multi-plate enforced mixer liner design, Argonics Inc. has announced Kryptane Evolution, engineered to curtail delamination due to a new fabrication process.

It’s no secret: the industry has experienced liner delamination problems in the past, observes Argonics Sales and Marketing Manager Bob Welker. We wanted to be proactive in finding a solution and have spent the better part of a year working on this issue. Accordingly, a coordinated effort by Argonics’ staff led to a new manufacturing process Û a complete departure from the company’s standard procedure Û for the nondelaminating Evolution, which carries a five-year or 1 million-yd. warranty. Û


Hyster Co.’s Fortis line of lift trucks incorporates proven design processes and systems, the manufacturer affirms, offering multiple powertrain configurations to meet specific application requirements and optimize productivity, dependability and cost of operations. Covering a capacity range of 2,000 lb. to 15,500 lb., the Fortis family encompasses both cushion and pneumatic tire classes, with multiple engine options including gas, LP and diesel. Moreover, a tiered system of preconfigured engine-transmission bundles allows users to choose from a variety of packages with performance transmission, hydraulic controls, and cooling system options.

According to Hyster representatives, head-to-head comparisons with similar vehicles show that Fortis trucks decrease downtime by up to 30 percent and save over $2,200 annually in operating costs. The electronically controlled powertrain, CANbus system industrial strength electronics, advanced cooling systems, and reliable hydraulics, they add, help improve dependability and lower operating costs in all applications.

The Fortis series includes a Pacesetter VSM industrial onboard computer for adjustable performance to maximize uptime, product engineers note. Additionally, they emphasize, patented DuraMatch transmission systems include the Auto Deceleration System, controlled rollback on ramps, controlled power reversals, and auto-speed hydraulics with automatic inching control to help operators move loads efficiently with less fatigue and product damage. Further, Hyster counterbalanced lift trucks reportedly provide ergonomic features to ensure maximum operator comfort and control during a shift. Û


Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems introduces its new Roll Stability Support trailer system. RSSplus will be available in late first quarter 2008 through trailer original equipment manufacturers and as an aftermarket retrofit through trailer OEM dealers.

The new system builds upon the company’s current RSS offering, which incorporates ABS functionality with safety features such as improved roll mitigation. It retains Meritor WABCO’s side-by-side wheel end control for stability management and prevention of tire flat spotting and abnormal tire wear. Additionally, the system offers simplified installation and advanced intelligent communication capabilities through on-board data recording with event broadcasting capability via Power Line Carrier communications or telematic devices, company engineers note.

RSSplus is a two-modulator (2M) roll-mitigation system offering the following additional manufacturer-cited features:

  • Compatibility with spring and air ride suspensions
  • Cable connector system, enabling more positive connections and cable stabilization to prevent damage and mitigate potential problems with connector corrosion
  • Standardized SAE diagnostics for easier troubleshooting, integrated into the company’s Toolbox PC software. System diagnostics can also be performed using standard blink codes, which eliminate the cost of additional diagnostic tools.
  • Power Line Carrier capability added to the RSSplus electronic control unit allows communication between the tractor and trailer using a PLC display. Events that can be communicated include suspension weight, tire pressure, wheel-end temperatures, or other customer-specific data. On-board data recording within the ECU allows retention of vehicle performance data in the ECU memory to enhance fleet management.

Configurations include 2S/2M1, 4S/2M and 4S/2M + 1 (for most 4S/3M requirements). Û;