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FINGERPRINT-ACTIVATED TIME CLOCK A biometric sensor and software solution introduced by TrakitGPS, BioTrakit acts as a time clock for office workers and


A biometric sensor and software solution introduced by TrakitGPS, BioTrakit acts as a time clock for office workers and drivers in concrete and aggregate operations who are unable to log in to the company’s vehicle-tracking and reporting module. BioTrakit works with any USB-equipped PC computer, allowing a user to sign in and out by simply touching the sensor with his or her finger. The system comes with intuitive software for simple set up and operation. Designed as a complementary solution to the TrakitGPS system, BioTrakit is not intended for stand-alone operation.

TrakitGPS is a web-based, GPS tracking and dispatch solution provider for concrete and aggregate producers that utilizes hand-held and hard-mount technology. It offers a flexible and cost-effective solution by leveraging the Internet, wireless technology, and GPS tracking to effectively reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve asset utilization, system developers note.


Proprietary cement powder requires only mixing with water in a bucket, then pouring. Within minutes, the mixture reportedly is hard and hot, due to the chemical reaction of combined ingredients. The manufacturer affirms that users can drive on the surface within an hour of placement. The company’s Pavemend line of repair products can be applied to a 35-degree slope as well as steel. Another product, Surfix, suits floor resurfacing requirements.

The products are ÎgreenÌ insofar as they are made of industrial waste streams, including fly ash, and recyclable materials, product developers contend. Although the binding agents are approved for use by nearly two dozen state transportation agencies, the company’s biggest customer to date is the Department of Defense. The Army has used the products to repair runways and roadways in Iraq ripped up by improvised explosive devices. Company officials report that combat engineers can fill the holes quickly, eliminating hours-long guard duty during curing; and, it can be poured in a wide range of temperatures, from 120_F to below freezing.
CeraTech Inc.


The RHS handle facilitates installation of the Pro-4 joystick in a 1.6-in.-diameter hole without having to disassemble the handle. Its surface provides a positive, yet comfortable grip, the manufacturer affirms. The handle can be supplied with or without a rocker or pushbutton switch in the top. In addition, mechanical interlock can be incorporated on Pro-4 and Pro-6 single-axis joysticks. The handle suits joysticks used on equipment where ease of installation and service or the security of a joystick interlock is required. J.R. Merritt Controls


Designed to weigh accurately in even the harshest conditions, the manufacturer notes, Guardian Tank and Hopper Mounted Scale Systems are constructed of 300 series stainless steel. Hydraulic load cells are built for long service life and require no electricity within the scale itself. Self-checking three- and four-stand assemblies are available with system gross capacities ranging from 3,000 to 300,000 lb. Each weighing system is supplied with a totalizer and 20 ft. of copper tubing per load cell.

Guardian load cells offer the following manufacturer-cited benefits:

  • Immune to lightning damage
  • Provide water and heavy wash-down reliability
  • Resistant to transient voltage and R.F.I.
  • Protected against rodent damage

Whether weights are required on one hopper/vessel or multiple tanks, the right weight controller instrumentation can be provided, the company asserts. The 788 weight display can monitor multiple scales and supply data to a server for additional management tasks. Cardinal Scale Mfg.


Officials of Vocon Remarketing note that their VOC Program is becoming an effective dispersal solution for used mixer trucks in the face of industry consolidation, fleet rotation programs, and saturated vehicle inventory. Coupled with a diminishing secondary buyers market, Vocon cites potential conditions adversely affecting residual values ready mixed producers can retrieve from fleets.

The VOC dispersal strategy aims to prevent a producer’s former mixer trucks from reentering a market in a competitor’s fleet. Additional information on the program can be obtained by calling Vocon’s Kevin Housby, 866/21VOCON, or viewing a presentation posted online at


BASF Admixture Systems has launched the Glenium 7000 series polycarboxylate, high-range water-reducing admixture technology, citing new levels of product performance tied to dynamic polymers optimized to match regional cement characteristics.

The Glenium 7000 series reportedly provides superior ready-mixed slump retention, improved strength and setting characteristics, as well as reduced in-place costs. Thus, it suits applications involving concrete mixes with varying water reduction requirements for which increased workability and durability are required. Additionally, the Glenium 7000 series is said by product developers to be especially effective for pervious concrete applications and BASF-branded Rheodynamic Self-Consolidating concrete mixtures and 4_4 Concrete for fast-track pavement construction.

Emphasizing the 7000 series’ customized approach to admixture technology, BASF Product Line Manager Joseph Daczko affirms, This technology combines state-of-the-art molecular engineering with a precise understanding of the needs of the concrete industry to add value and profitability to our customers’ daily operations.


When Michigan Caterpillar’s Grand Rapids warehouse was constructed in 1995, the slab design for approximately 110,000 sq. ft. of showrooms, exterior pavements, composite metal decks and engine service bays called for steel fiber-reinforced concrete. Since the combination of steel and synthetic fibers has performed over 10-plus years of service, general contractor Pioneer Construction decided to use the same fiber blend for slab reinforcement of a recent addition to the facility’s service department.

Accordingly, the floors of 19 new heavy equipment bays comprise concrete containing Fibermesh 300, a fibrillated synthetic fiber, and Novocon XR, a steel fiber manufactured by Propex Concrete Systems, creating a total footprint of 210,000 sq. ft. Ready mixed supplier GR Gravel added fibers at the plant, thereby eliminating any placing, handling or installation of reinforcement at the site.

The distribution of fibers, both synthetic and steel, throughout the entire cross-section of the slab changes the concrete from a brittle matrix to one with ductile properties, making it strong and durable. Fibers also provide plastic and drying shrinkage crack control, as well as distribution of impact stresses; plus, fatigue and control joints open less with steel fibers, improving the shear load transfer.


An innovation in reinforcement fabrication, CageFlex 260, has been announced by CTW, Inc., in conjunction with global subsidiaries Innovative Concrete Technologies and Pedershaab Concrete Technologies. According to product developers, CageFlex 260 incorporates features enabling pipe producers to reduce energy, maintenance, and materials costs, while gaining efficiencies with faster production capabilities and advanced welding technologies. The manufacturer especially notes these CageFlex 260 benefits and performance characteristics:

  • Improved welding efficiencies producing stronger cages
  • Precision machine controls speeding fabrication
  • Greater range of materials afforded by technology that accommodates a wider selection of types and qualities for material cost savings
  • Decreased maintenance costs by up to 50 percent
  • Energy savings, including up to 70 percent reduced energy peak and a significantly lower connected load, plus a three-phase welding system, to cut energy costs by up to 50 percent overall

The CageFlex 260 is available in manual or fully automated versions and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Many of its features can be installed, furthermore, as upgrades to existing reinforcement equipment.