Pumping Equipment Round-Up

MACK TRUCKS Introduced at World of Concrete 2007, the TerraPro Cabover model is the manufacturer’s newest heavy-duty truck. An evolution from the company’s


Introduced at World of Concrete 2007, the TerraPro Cabover model is the manufacturer’s newest heavy-duty truck. An evolution from the company’s MR model, the TerraPro is optimized for demanding construction applications, including concrete pumping. Features aimed at improved driver comfort include steering column positioning for ample belly room; ergonomic seats; integrated armrest; easy-to-read gauges and easy-to-reach switches; accelerator and brake pedals suspended above the cab floor and mounted in-line to reduce driver effort; easy-to-reach parking brake; courtesy map light; cab lighting controls reachable from the ground; efficient HVAC climate control system; and, sufficient storage space. The vehicle also includes the next generation of the company’s Vehicle Management and Control System (V-MAC IV), which allows customers to better control costs and monitor truck and engine performance with more than 100 programmable features. The TerraPro comes standard with the EPA Î07-certified 11-liter MP7 engine, offered in range from 325 to 405 hp with torque ratings from 1,200 to 1,560 lb.-ft. Also available is the Î07-certified MP8 engine in 415 to 485 hp.


The newest player in the U.S. market brings a line of truck-mounted boom pumps from Sermac, a subsidiary of Italy-based Sermac S.p.A., which has been making such units since 1989 and currently produces about 400 pumps per year. With headquarters in Hugo, Minn., this company offers standard booms in Z Fold, R Fold and RZ Fold configurations. Booms feature high-yield welded sections connected with double support pins, which help make them reportedly among the most safe and reliable in the industry. Each of the boom pumps feature 5-in. pipe to the tip, which reduces the risk of hose whip and other unsafe movement. The pumping unit includes a S-value that offers high output and little load loss. The warranty includes 60-month coverage for the structure and 40-month (or 6,500 pumping hour) coverage for the hydraulics. The pumping unit’s outriggers are hydraulically operated to ensure safe use, while the lifting cylinders are fitted with check valves, which hold them in position even in the event of a hydraulic failure.


The S 52 SX with RZ5 boom combines features of two boom types Û Overhead Roll and Fold and Z Û in a five-section boom. The new model is able to place material at distances of more than 170-feet vertically and 160-feet horizontally. The boom benefits from a full 180-degree working range of the main section allowing operators to tilt the first section away from the pour and maneuver the remaining sections deep into buildings. This process is aided by a tip section that offers 270 degrees of articulation, effectively adding a Z boom where it can be the most advantageous. The new machine also incorporates the company’s Super X Outriggers, the curved front outriggers that telescope out and around obstacles while providing a compact and stable pumping platform. The S 52 SX also is available with the optional Easy 200 that allows one-sided operation without fully deploying the outriggers. The Vector Control system features twin joysticks that provide proportional boom control. An LED display on the remote box informs the operator of equipment conditions.


The 28Z boom pump has been redesigned with an eye toward small-project applications, espeically residential. With a Z-fold boom and low unfolding height of 19 ft. 8 in., this pump is able to unfold inside many building structures. The four-section boom provides the operator with options for navigating in confined areas, while the large open deck of the unit provides carrying space for as much as 300 feet of pipe to accommodate line pumping jobs. The 28Z is mounted on a Mack chassis with a 400-hp engine, 10-speed Eaton/Fuller transmission and features a 157-yd. pump kit with 5-in. delivery line. With one of the smallest combined footprints in its class, the machine weighs 43,300 lbs., measures 32.8 feet long and reaches just over 93 ft. vertically and 78-ft. 5-in. horizontally. The front outriggers have a spread of 19 ft. 5 in., while the rear spread is 8 ft. 1 in.


Concrete on the hopper and splatter on the machine is a normal part of the concrete pumping process, the manufacturer notes, and removal can be labor intensive and time consuming. Stop Stik is an advanced spray-on solution formulated to make cleanup quicker and easier. The product suits most of the manufacturer’s equipment, including truck-mounted boom pumps, large line trailer pumps, Thom-Katts and mortar machines. The 11 oz. aerosol cans of Stop Stik are available in six and 12 packs, and the solution can also be purchased in 1- and 5-gal. bulk liquid packages for application with a pump sprayer. Product developers recommend the solution be reapplied periodically between jobs for continued protection and easy cleaning.


The new K52 Plus has what product engineers note is the lightest boom in the industry, which can be mounted on a 4- or 5-axle truck. The RZ boom configuration reduces the amount of time and number of difficult maneuvers an operator must perform in order to reach a concrete slab. The six-section design also allows the operator to work with flexibility on a standard flat jobsite and achieve a higher reach. The HPG-IF pumping unit with closed circuit and reversal flow allows high pressures to 1,185 psi and output of 235 yd./hr., which is delivered through a standard 9-in. S-Valve.

The K52 Plus supports the K-tronic system, providing stability control and an integrated data logger for maintenance. The light and compact configuration of the K52 Plus allows a reduction in the stabilization area, which enables the unit to be set up quickly and safely in a small or restricted jobsite. The pipeline is designed with a 5-in., twin-wall pipe with short-radius elbows.

The company also recently introduced to the U.S. market the new generation of 31- and 36-meter boom pumps. Some of the features of the K31 and K36 include an entirely restyled and upgraded boom; hinges on the cylinders and the rods have been separated, which improves boom articulation performance while simplifying pin and bushing access and maintenance; turret configuration has been restyled into a straight 90 degree angle to improve weight distribution; under-turret portholes have been made bigger to facilitate access to the pipelines for assembly, maintenance, and inspection; and, several pipeline sections have been bolted instead of welded to facilitate maintenance and prevent torsion.