Givenhansco Unifies Enterprise Suite

Responding to producers’ demand for greater efficiency and computing power in operations management, GivenHansco Inc. has developed Keystone, a one-platform

Responding to producers’ demand for greater efficiency and computing power in operations management, GivenHansco Inc. has developed Keystone, a one-platform system offering ready mixed and aggregate operators of all sizes batch controls, dispatch, GPS tracking, and accounting functions.

Enterprise systems for construction materials producers have traditionally comprised a collection of products communicating through bridges and interfaces, e.g., dispatch and accounts receivable interfacing with an off-the-shelf accounting package, note GivenHansco developers. The result is disparate systems, a plethora of databases, and administrative glitches when, for example, one system is updated only to break the interface to another.

The first and only single-platform, multidimensional business automation solution for concrete and aggregate businesses, product developers contend, Keystone encompasses all facets of producer financial and operational areas sharing a common platform and database. Its technology is flexible and scalable to serve producers with single or multiple users, plants, or operating companies. System components have a common configuration for ease of use, and sliders simplify navigation. Running off one data set assures security, functionality, versatility, and predictability, GivenHansco affirms.

Keystone Accounting includes Quoting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Point-of-Sale, Inventory, Payroll, and Cash Management. Keystone Controls operates batch plants and silo load out. Keystone Dispatch brings the latest technology to truck routing and tracking with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Keystone GPS vehicle tracking is available as a stand-alone; or, it can interface directly with many dispatch systems.

Keystone allows users to track the path of an order ticket from generation to collection, noting the impact a ticket has on the bottom line. Thus, on one database, the system records an entire sequence of transactions Û from the first interaction with a customer (the quote) through all subsequent activity to the final income statement. It can manage all in-coming and out-going cash transactions on a single platform, including accounts receivable, CODs, accounts payable, payroll, and service fees.

Developed in stages, Keystone is now available for implementation as Phase I. Since the current product fits many Û but not all Û producers, compatibility on a case-by-case basis is determined via product demonstration and site survey. While the system’s breadth and depth are constantly evolving as additional functionality is delivered, Keystone currently offers these modules:

Truck Dispatch Billing
Truck Scheduling Accounts Receivable
Truck Demand Accounts Payable
Batch Controls General Ledger
Aggregate Ticketing Inventory
Block Ticketing Payroll
Point-of-Sale Cash Management
GPS Truck Tracking Time Keeping
Quoting Financial Reporting
Silo Load Out Links/Statusing
Operations Reporting DataScope (Executive Reporting)

Keystone technology incorporates Borland Delphi 2006 and InterBase Version 7.x. Based on a field-proven, multi-tier framework developed and refined over the last four years, the system is compliant with current Windows standards and easily upgradable to emerging standards, such as Windows Vista. The multi-tier design provides a higher range of scalability than legacy client/server applications, GivenHansco developers note. Since no direct connection exists between desktop and database, they add, security is enhanced, while database engine upgrades can be performed with reconfiguration of each desktop. A high-performance, SQL 92-compliant, back-end database ensures reliability, as well as openness to third-party reporting tools.

Accordingly, company officials cite the following Keystone benefits:

  • Consistency Û Screens look alike and share the same data, so cross training is innate and uncomplicated.
  • Efficiency Û Transactions using common data are seen by all, e.g., credit hold, etc. Consequently, data needs to be entered only once, eliminating double entry and double work. Reporting is meaningful and timely.
  • Repeatability Û A common look and feel makes daily processes routine, thereby saving time.
  • Predictability Û Sharing the same data produces reliable results. Inconsistencies caused by running similar processes against different databases are avoided.
  • Simplicity Û A common look and feel among clear, uncluttered screens facilitates navigation.
  • Integrity Û One set of data is managed and audited. Updating one database does not break the interface to another.
  • Security Û One set of data is accessed, and guarding one entity is easier than securing many.

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To Keystone’s one-platform batch, dispatch, GPS, and accounting system GivenHansco has added executive-level financial modeling and extended capabilities. Unveiled in late January at World of Concrete 2007, DataScope uses advanced tools to extract and organize data to be viewed in a specific format or exported to widely used standard PC products. The combination of data mining and multi-dimensional viewing capability enables dynamic, customer-unique reporting Û all in real time and on demand.

GivenHansco President Gary Given affirms, With DataScope, you can pull up the information you need to analyze your finances and quickly see a comparison to prior periods. A simple click drills down to reveal details that clearly show what is behind the numbers. And, DataScope mines Keystone Accounting data in real time. Beyond merely generating a report, it allows producers to spot trends that can affect sales, cash, and profits.