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CUSTOM TRAILERS FOR PRESTRESSED MEMBERS Company has updated its Modular Beam Transport System trailers for prestressed concrete beams and other long,


Company has updated its Modular Beam Transport System trailers for prestressed concrete beams and other long, self-supporting loads. Each trailer is a complete modular system that can be utilized in numerous configurations. When in the 13-axle configuration, it has nine total axles with a front three-axle jeep and two separate tri-axle assemblies on the rear Û and 120-ton hauling capability. Both of the rear tri’s are hydraulically steerable and equipped with independent power units and wireless remote controls.

The tri-axle assemblies can be removed from the gull wing on the rear and converted into two separate tri-axle trailers, each with hydraulic steering capabilities. The tri’s can also be converted into quad axle trailers. To do this the pole assembly must be moved into the secondary position for proper weight distribution and a detachable axle is pinned to the rear of the tri.

The front jeep is effectively a tandem axle with a detachable third axle, which can be removed and used on one of the tri’s to convert it into a quad. The bunk assembly on the jeep is movable allowing it to be moved for proper weight distribution when utilized as a tandem. This allows haulers to use the tandem axle jeep with a quad axle steerable trailer.

The trailer offers a minimum of 30 degrees of hydraulic steering in all configurations. Hydraulic lift towers are standard in the gull wing assembly and can be added to the front jeep as an option. The hydraulic steering controls utilize wireless transmitters and receivers allowing either the driver or preferably the rear escort driver to control the steering of the units. All steering functions also have a manual back up valve located on the trailer in case of an electrical problem or a dead battery in the transmitter. The steering is either locked straight or in float mode depending upon the configuration for normal highway travel. Nelson Manufacturing
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Degussa Admixtures introduced Rheopel Plus Water-Repellent/Efflorescence Control admixture at the 2006 MCPX. The agent is suited to dry and wet cast methods. Product developers note that its chemistry enables water repellency; primary and secondary efflorescence control; enhanced color vibrancy; and, increased strength performance. Rheopel Plus-dosed mixes, they add, exhibit improved material flow and extrusion characteristics, and yield finished concrete surfaces resistant to wind-driven rain.


Cleco Manufacturing has developed the Automatic Hoop Machine, yielding ASTM C-478 grade reinforcements that are an alternative to wire mesh cages. The machine uncoils, straightens, rolls, welds and shears wire of .25 to .29 in. diameter. After welding, it automatically places 30-in. to 53-in. finished hoops on steel racks, which are then transferred to riser or cone casting stations.

The use of hoop reinforcements optimizes reinforcing steel, Cleco officials note, as a typical 4-ft. riser bears either a) three hoops weighing 7 lbs.; or, b) comparable wire fabric cage weighing more than 25 lbs. In addition, the company figures that the machine reduces cage fabrication and storage costs within a precast operation. Along with the welding equipment are companion jacket and mandrel components, plus an internal bell slip strip mechanism, to accept the reinforcing hoops in dry cast riser, eccentric cone and concentric cone production. Û Cleco Manufacturing, 603/886-5472;


Multiple-station table system can increase productivity by enabling up to five products Û including manhole bases, risers, cones and boxes Û to be poured, vibrated and stripped at a time. The table can be set up to intermix various products during the same fabrication sequence. The low profile table design incorporates a flat pouring surface with diamond deck plating which can also serve as a work area for placing reinforcing cages and pipe blockouts.

The precast table accommodates wet cast equipment up to 72 in. (1800 mm) in diameter using either one-piece or two-piece jackets. Cores and pallets are mounted to the table to reduce setup and stripping times. Cores can be either solid or collapsible, with a standard hydraulic strip assist feature supplied for the solid tapered cores. Besser Co.
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Manufacturer of prestressing equipment, tarp rollers, curing blankets, vibrators and form cleaning machines offers an inverted tee beam form. Standard features for the form include self-stressing or non-self-stressing in lower drafted pan; jacking end plates welded to the form; top ledge side forms, which hinge back for stripping; a bottom pan with 38-in. plate skin; top side forms with ∫-in. plate skin; gussets on 30-in. centers; and continuous channel foot. Optional features include hydraulically activated top side forms and side and bottom fillers. Hamilton Form Co.
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Company manufactures forms for dry- and wet-cast applications. Each form style incorporates technology to maximize output, efficiency, and product quality. Dry-cast equipment is available in traditional single-form and multi-form styles that yield up to eight products in a single strip. Dry-cast form equipment is available the company’s latest synchronized core vibration technology and special form features, such as replaceable machined jacket and core tops for product cosmetics and easy maintenance. Wet-cast equipment utilizes the company’s PumpCast technology, in which concrete is bottom fed into the form set instead of filled from the top. This permits the concrete to feed and consolidate without the need for vibration or SCC mixes. Additionally, the form sets include special features to permit fast stripping without the need for individually handling pallets and headers. Hawkeye Group
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With forms available in group sizes of 12 to 14-ft. span; 16- to 20- to 24-ft. span; 28- to 32- to 36- to 42-ft. span; and 48-ft. span, this heavy-duty complete arch wet-cast forming system offers modular base pallet assembly and top speed clamp lock assemblies for fast set-up times. The system also features modular adjustable slip pallet assembly; adjustable X-Brace tie rod; short and long tube kit assemblies for making riser adjustments; and catwalk assembly on the inner form. New Hampton Metal Fab
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