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LOW-PROFILE EDGING Three low-profile landscape edging products address a wide range of residential, commercial and specialty landscaping needs. By eliminating


Three low-profile landscape edging products address a wide range of residential, commercial and specialty landscaping needs. By eliminating sharp edges, Super-Edg, Slim-Edg, and Bulldog-Edg provide safe alternatives to metal and wood products. Constructed of either 100 percent recycled black vinyl or sturdy polyethylene, they are easy to install and more economical than metal, the manufacturer notes, providing durability and high profitability as well. The nearly invisible borders are said to enhance, rather than overpower, a designer’s work as they separate turf from flowerbeds or delineate landscape areas containing mulches, stone, bark or other materials. In addition, flexibility allows a designer to create landscape logos and patterns. Steel stakes anchor the edgings for a strong, permanent hold. Oly-Ola Edgings
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Seistec is a reinforcing anchor system suitable for seismic repair or retrofit seismic upgrading of brick, stone, or terra-cotta structures and components. While remaining sensitive to the original architecture, Seistec internally strengthens the integrity of wall-to-wall, wall-to-roof, and wall-to-floor constructions, developers note.

The Seistec (SEISmic TEChnology) process begins with an inspection by one of the manufacturer’s engineers, after which the structure is computer-modeled and animated using the discrete element technique to visualize potential stresses incurred during seismic loading. The software analysis assesses behavioral probability and risk inherent to the structure in order to determine the best positioning of the reinforcing anchor system.

Comprising a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, the reinforcing anchor system is inserted at the site into the structure needing reinforcement. A specially developed, nonpolymer, cement-like grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout fuses with the mesh, expands, and conforms to fit the space around the steel. The latest dry- or low-volume, wet diamond-drilling techniques reduce or eliminate water damage associated with conventional concrete wet drilling.

The Seistec system reportedly may be used in a wide range of masonry materials. The anchor body size and even material type can be adjusted, as well as the diameter of the cored hole, based on the parent-material condition. Cintec America
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The Posi-Turner is an ergonomically designed material handling system for the lifting, suspension, rotation and positioning of objects in light to heavy-duty applications. Included in the brochure are defined models with an integrated application guide, citing the Posi-Gantri, the Posi-Lite, and Independent Drive Systems. Customers are also able to choose drive and leveler systems to create a solution for specific application and material-handling requirements. Caldwell Group
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Suitable for operators who need high power but also require a compact unit for negotiating tight spots, the E-Series line of six new skid loaders ranges from Model 3640E with a rated operating load of 1,175 lbs. to Model 6640E with a rated operating load of 2,900 lbs. (when equipped with the optional counterweights). Reportedly designed to optimize performance, power, speed, and operator comfort, the E-Series models (3640E, 4240E, 4640E, 4840E, 5640E, 6640E) are said to include a patented Powerview lift arm for better visibility, high breakout forces, superior hydraulic power, increased load capacities, and comfortable operator stations with a choice of low-effort servo-hydraulic controls for precise response.

Advanced acoustical materials used in constructing the units and specially designed engine compartment components reduce sound levels, both inside and out. In addition to abundant head, shoulder and leg room, ROPS (Roll-Over Protection) cabs feature Level II FOPS (Falling-Object Protection).

Deutz 2011 Series diesel engines used in the larger models range from 46 hp on the 4640E to 82 hp on the 6640E. Turbocharged configurations are standard on Model 6640E and optional on Models 4640E and 5640E. The Deutz engines include in-cylinder glow plugs to improve cold weather starting and auto-shut-down systems. Meeting latest EPA Tier II emissions regulations, the engines also feature dependable oil cooling, low noise levels, and high torque.

TNV Series Yanmar diesel engines power both the 3640E and the 4240E Û the former employing a 35-hp, naturally aspirated three-cylinder; and the latter, a 46-hp, naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. The Tier II-compliant engines are direct-injected and liquid-cooled.

A two-speed drive option is available with top speeds of just over 11 mph on the 4640E or 4840E and up to 12.5 mph on the 5640E and 6640E. For a smoother, more stable ride, the optional Hydraglide ride control system augments the 48-in.-plus extended wheelbase and lower center of gravity of Model 6640E. Additionally, a high-flow, auxiliary hydraulics option up to 36 gpm on 5640E and 6640E models reportedly generates the pressure and flow necessary for improved attachment performance. When combined with the standard hydraulic self-leveling feature, Model 6640E’s 124-in.-plus lift height facilitates quick and sure bucket and pallet-fork maneuvering while lifting loads. Gehl Co.
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Spray-applied coatings are specifically engineered for lining potable water tanks and pipe. A 100 percent solids (zero-VOC), fast-cure coating, Chemthane 4200PW can be applied in a single coat directly to a prepared concrete or steel substrate. No primers are necessary.

The product contains no solvents; thus, no taste or odor from solvents is transferred into the water. The manufacturer also notes that the product provides a tough, flexible membrane for concrete tanks, where hairline cracks can be easily bridged. Additionally, it resists thermal shock damage, besides having high flexibility and elongation properties. Chemthane 4200PW can be used as well in saltwater and wastewater immersion service. Its wide range of certification includes UL 1746 Parts I, II and IV for use as a lining in potable water tanks.

Application has been simplified with a 1:1 plural component mix ratio. Plus, Chemthane 42000PW permits film build up of between 15 Û 70-plus mils in a single pass application. Chemline Inc.
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Company’s new and completely redesigned portable E13 is the latest in a generation of high-production machines featuring a 13-in.-wide blast pattern. Its proprietary single-piece blast wheel is capable of delivering significant production rates, product developers note. Complementing the blast unit, they add, is an innovative dust-collection system that’s lighter, more productive and more efficient than standard types. DISA Goff Inc.
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Designed to fulfill 2003 International Building Code (IBC) requirements, the new company’s KB-TZ Expansion Anchor suits a wide range of uses, including tension zone, seismic, and concrete-over-metal deck applications. The manufacturer notes that an innovative wedge design, reduced requirements for edge distance and anchor spacing, plus availability in carbon and Type 304 stainless steel, make the medium-duty KB-TZ anchor versatile, yet especially useful for seismic and cracked concrete applications. Reportedly reliable under a wide range of conditions, the anchor has been ACI 355.2 and AC193 qualified for use in seismic design environments. In addition, the bolt steel satisfies ACI 318-02 Section D.1 ductility requirements (> 14 percent elongation at break, > 30 percent cross-section reduction). For design flexibility, the KB-TZ is available in a variety of anchor lengths for each diameter.

Features include a raised dog point impact section to help prevent thread damage during installation and a rounded end for easy insertion. The anchor nominal diameter is matched to drill bit size, simplifying selection of the proper drill bit. Product and length identification codes facilitate quality control and inspection after installation.
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