Lifting yoke fine tunes precast panel or element, tilt-up wall load balancing 

Source: CP staff  

The Ganterud L20-3 Pro Capacity load balancing device, engineered to assist in rapid architectural or structural concrete element leveling in plant, yard or site picks, has arrived on this side of the Atlantic following delivery of 350-plus units to European producers, erectors and contractors. Dublin-based Hoistec Ltd., principal representative of Sweden’s Ganterud Lifting Solutions AB, is overseeing the 20-tonne L20-3 and 5-tonne L5 model launch in North America.

At the touch of a button, the L20-3 safely levels architectural or structural panels and other precast elements, along with cast-in-place tilt-up concrete walls.

Suited to 20-tonne duty with bridge, gantry or boom cranes, the L20-3 functions as a radio remote controlled lifting yoke bearing a 6-meter chain and chain wheel. The chain has a reversible length of up to 3 meters per hook and can be precision levelled at two speeds. The chain wheel can be disengaged via the remote control for a free-running chain that operates as a snatch block, capable of turning heavier loads up to 90 degrees.  —  Ganterud Lifting Solutions North America, 702/605-4578;