Marcotte applies AI to optimize mix production, reduce material waste

Sources: Marcotte Systems, Montreal; CP staff

Marcotte Systems bills MIntelligent Feed as the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered solution designed to optimize the concrete production process, reduce material waste, and improve overall mix quality. Users of the platform set three parameters—target deviation, maximum average jogs, maximum out-of-tolerance—based on their optimization objectives. An AI model developed with Sherbrook University and a Ph.D. in machine learning, Aurora, processes real-time data from plant components and informs MIntelligent Feed production adjustments. Adaptive intelligence allows Aurora AI to continuously learn from batch data to perpetuate concrete mix consistency.

The new Marcotte Systems platform led technology offerings unveiled at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association 2023 ConcreteWorks Conference and Expo in Nashville.

“The MIntelligent Feed represents a significant milestone for the industry,” says Marcotte Systems President Joel Bardier. “It addresses some of its most important challenges: leveraging AI, addressing the labor shortage and implementing more sustainable practices. Rest assured that we won’t stop there.”