Industry associations support President’s call for more infrastructure funding

Source: Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill.

A group of construction materials trade associations—comprised of the American Concrete Pavement Association, National Asphalt Pavement Association, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association and PCA—united in support of the president’s call for more infrastructure investment. Before a joint session of Congress last week, President Obama called for a renewed commitment to job creation and economic growth, in part through increased infrastructure spending for road and bridge construction/reconstruction.

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Report: Absent fly ash, road & bridge costs will climb $100 billion through 2030

Sources: American Road & Transportation Builders Association Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF), Washington, D.C.; CP staff

The cloud of proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing handling and disposal of coal combustion residuals (CCR), including construction-grade fly ash, compelled an ARTBA-TDF report to forecast potential economic impacts on the subtraction of ASTM C 618 product from the transportation infrastructure supply chain.

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Economist measures fly ash effect in concrete life-cycle costs

Source: American Road & Transportation Builders Association Transportation Development Foundation

ARTBA Senior Economist Alison Premo Black examines in “The Economic Impacts of Prohibiting Coal Fly Ash Use in Transportation Infrastructure Construction” (companion item) how states would have to forego potential additional benefits and savings derived from using the supplementary binding agent in new, high performance concrete pavements.

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