Cement plant emissions remain micro (< 1%) factor in EPA GHG Inventory

Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; CP staff The Environmental Protection Agency’s just-published Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks cites 5.586 billion metric tons (mt) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions for 2021, a 6 percent increase over the prior year. The Inventory spans six economic sectors; the third largest, Industry, accounted for 24 percent, or 1.34 billion mt…

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PCA renews pitch for pavement properties in federal fuel efficiency benchmarks

Source: Portland Cement Association, Washington, D.C.

Armed with a new report, Comprehensive Transportation Fuel Reduction Policies —A Comparison of Heavy Truck Fuel Efficiency and Rigid Pavement Policies, PCA calls for roads and pavement structures to be included in forthcoming U.S. Environmental Protection Agency heavy-duty truck fuel standards through which the White House aims to cut greenhouse gas levels.

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