Incident reduction secondary in rewrite of OSHA reporting, anti-retaliation rules

By Don Marsh

An Associated Builders & Contractors-led lawsuit filed last month adds perspective to the curious Occupational Safety and Health Administration case noted here in April, where United States Steel Corp. found itself on the defensive for a zero tolerance policy on delayed workplace injury reporting. The ABC action spotlights anti-retaliation measures the agency applied to the Pittsburgh-based steelmaker.

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Bending to OSHA, steel giant relaxes policy on timely reporting of plant incidents, injuries

Sources: Occupational Safety & Health Administration; CP staff

To settle a Department of Labor complaint alleging Occupational Safety and Health Act violations, Pittsburgh-based United States Steel Corp. has agreed to rescind its Immediate Reporting Policy regarding workplace injuries as well as disciplinary measures against three Pennsylvania and Ohio plant workers to whom it had been applied.

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