Concrete Pipe-wise Spahn to lead Concrete Masonry Checkoff

Sources: Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board, Washington, D.C.; CP staff American Concrete Pipe Association Vice President of Operations Kim Spahn, P.E. has been appointed the inaugural Concrete Masonry Checkoff chief executive officer, effective mid-June. An exhaustive national search to fill the position attracted more than 300 applicants, Spahn quickly emerging as the CMC Board’s top choice given her unique background and…

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Corporate social responsibility earns Cemex ‘Change the World’ listing

Sources: Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., Monterrey, Mexico; CP staff

Cemex ranks 18 on the Fortune 2017 Change the World List of 50 companies world wide that have had positive social impact through activities central to their core business strategies. The magazine recognized the producer’s efforts to foster sustainable building practices through the “Growing” platform, which encompasses social and inclusive businesses geared to fighting poverty, low quality education, unhealthy homes, unemployment, poor access to financial aid, and lack of civic participation. By 2016, they had netted affordable and dignified housing to 3 million-plus in Latin America.

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Graniterock adds carbon footprint savings calculator to iPhone app

Graniterock Construction Calculators Version 4.2 app

The Construction Calculators Version 4.2 app enables architects and contractors to gauge carbon dioxide emissions reduction when using supplementary cementitious materials to offset portland cement in concrete mix designs. The just-released update builds on one of the industry’s first mobile device-geared software products, launched in 2011, for estimating a project’s ready mixed and aggregate requirements.

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