The employee-owners of Besser Co. have honored 37-year veteran Rodney Lang on his recent retirement, noting how his engineering background, outgoing nature, and resourcefulness allowed him to apply his talents in a wide variety of roles which impacted producers and fellow employee-owners worldwide. After graduating from Lake Superior State University, he joined Besser as electrical engineer, paving the way for…

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Steel reinforcing fibers: Micro Rebar

97 Helixi 150

Product developers characterize Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar Concrete Reinforcement System as the only code approved material of its kind engineers can confidently specify as a replacement for primary structural reinforcing. Micro-Rebar are .5-mm diameter, 25-mm (1-in.) long fibers of twisted, high tensile (246 ksi), zinc-coated steel wire, dosed at 9 lb. to 70 lb. per cubic yard of concrete. Each pound of product has about 11,500 fibers.

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