Buy America-compliant steel fibers suit UHPC mixes

CFS 300-Series carbon steel fibers are designed exclusively for use in ultra-high performance concrete applications, including transportation infrastructure. Fabricated in respective 13-, 19.5- and 25-mm lengths, the 0.3-mm diameter CFS 313-1, 319-1 and 325-1 Type I fibers meet the Federal Highway Administration Buy America requirements for federally funded projects.  Steel fibers control cracking by meeting micro cracks where they originate,…

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Investigation proves steel fibers’ potential in seismic-grade shear wall couplings


The American Concrete Institute Foundation’s “Evaluation of Seismic Behavior of Coupling Beams with Various Types of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete” research supports a prospective building code design option translating to simplified and more straightforward construction, plus schedule, labor and material cost savings.

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