Silo inventory on the cloud


Company has released a major upgrade of the SiloWeigh.Net inventory management and control system, which monitors the weight of material in silos or vessels located across an unlimited area. Among major benefits: users do not run out of material; vessels are not overfilled, curtailing costs associated with dust filter damage and environmental impact; delivery volumes are verified and fraud prevented; and, delivery schedule savings.

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Mobile device interface headlines Scale-Tron upgrades to SiloWeigh II Pro

82 ScaleTron 150

Company has completed an overhaul of its signature system for controlling silo and liquid tank inventory. The touch-screen based SiloWeigh II Pro warns of low levels in vessels to prevent running out of material and halts in production; identifies potential overfills before spillage can occur; and, measures every fill amount as a check on delivery shortages and fraud. A trend graph for each vessel is zoomable to any date and time, with all data stored on a USB memory stick for transfer to a computer running Excel.

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