Researchers tie U-bolt connectors to rebar cage safety, integrity

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, Haymarket, Va.; CP staff An investigation geared to identifying fabrication and assembly practices curtailing rebar cage collapse or failure incidents confirms the potential of U-bolt hardware to replace tie wires commonly used in lateral and transverse bar connections and increase cages’ lateral strength. The Pankow Foundation teamed with the American Society of Civil Engineers Construction Institute,…

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Rebar connector research team targets large cage safety

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, McLean, Va.; CP staff

A lack of proper engineering design and detailing procedures to safeguard slurry wall foundation, cast-in-drilled hole pile and tall column rebar cage stability has compelled a Pankow Foundation grant for the American Society of Civil Engineers Construction Institute, teaming with the University of Nevada, Reno. Researchers will examine behavior of cages incorporating innovative mechanical connectors—U-bolt, threaded rod with plate and wire rope—during various loading conditions. 

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