Electric Wheelbarrow

IR Wheel-barrow

The E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow allows construction operators to transport heavy loads with ease, and eliminates the unnecessary ergonomic challenges and production halts associated with traditional wheelbarrow solutions. Featuring a heavy-duty construction and a 24V, battery-operated motor, the E-750 is engineered to tackle diverse construction applications.

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Toyota integrates Tier IV power in 8,000–17,000-lb. lift truck series

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. begins production this month on the 8-Series large capacity lift truck line equipped with new Toyota-designed and built four-cylinder, high-performance engines. Manufactured at the Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg. plant in Columbus, Ind., the series features 8,000- to 17,500-lb. pneumatic models with power options including the new 1KD diesel engine.

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Titan America parlays permeable articulating concrete block pavement

Sources: Titan America LLC, Norfolk, Va.; CP staff

Titan America will introduce the proprietary PaveDrain system to the south Florida market later this month in a 650-sq.-ft. demonstration at Ft. Lauderdale City Hall. A Permeable Articulating Concrete Block Pavement System (P-ACB), PaveDrain is placed either in mat sections, typically 8-feet wide and up to 40-feet long, or as individual units much like conventional paving stones.

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Australians test carbon dioxide-capturing carbonate production

Sources: University of Newcastle; CP staff

A new method for permanently storing carbon dioxide emissions generated from fossil fuels and other industrial processes is at the heart of a mineral carbonation pilot plant to be built at the University of Newcastle’s Institute for Energy and Resources.

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SCM, aggregate processor Calera eyes concrete pilots for CO2-sequestering carbonate

Sources: CP staff; Calera Corp., Los Gatos, Calif.

Two years after outlining research aimed at commercial processes for carbon dioxide-capturing aggregate or cementitious materials, Calera has announced a series of prospective concrete applications testing a mix agent from its Mineralization via Aqueous Precipitation technology. An initial carbonate product, Partial Cement Substitute (PCS), is derived from the flue gas of the Moss power plant in northern California, coupled with naturally occurring, water-based calcium or magnesium sources.

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CO2-Capturing Aggregate Processor Calera Lands $19.8 Million DOE Grant

Los Gatos, Calif.-based Calera Corp. is poised to design, build and operate a system that mineralizes carbon dioxide from flue gas, yielding carbonate-bearing aggregate for construction fill or cement mill raw feed

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