3D printing-enabled research & development takes shape


A new Innovation Center at Dayton Superior Corp.’s headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, spans product showroom (below), chemical research (shown here at right) and engineering (facing page, bottom) laboratories; product testing and prototyping equipment; and, contemporary training areas. The 15,000-sq.-ft. facility is oriented around these business segments and functions:

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Shuttlelift machines 200-ton Double-Beam Gantry

Unveiled for a fall 2013 dealer meeting, the DB 200 is the largest rubber-tired, double-beam, fully traversable gantry crane the manufacturer has ever built: More than 54 feet tall, more than 68 feet wide and just under 44 feet long, it can handle loads that are up to 400,000 lb. The crane can lift a full-capacity load on one side or the other, not just on its centerline. The DB 200 underwent product testing during the dealer meeting, in advance of delivery to its new owner, a large Canadian power supplier.

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