Portable washout containers augment environmental compliance at job sites

The Porta-Pit is available in standard 1.5-yd. and 0.5-yd. sizes, 40-in. and 12-in. high, respectively.

Joining the company’s mixer truck-mounted washout containers are the 0.5- and 1.5-yd. Porta-Pit vessels, plus companion Water Dog absorption bags. At 150 lb. (empty weight) with 44- x 42-in. footprint, the larger Porta-Pit features high-strength, cross linked polyethylene plastic construction with rugged steel fork lift channels and side supports.

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Portable container extends mixer truck washout management


The developer of the Washout Watchdog for mixer truck chutes has added Porta-Pit, a high-strength polyethylene container designed for easy site-to-site transfer and safe, spill-free gray water handling. “What Washout Watchdog does for concrete producers, Porta-Pit does for contractors,” says inventor Les Connard, adding that the compact units enable concrete and pumping contractors “to transport washout materials and water from job site to recycling center.”

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