ACI Foundation’s Strategic Development Council brings the future faster


In the mid-1990s, leaders urged the concrete industry to fundamentally improve itself to meet the challenges of the upcoming millennium. In response to their call, several industry groups developed and implemented strategic plans and initiatives that dramatically changed the entire concrete industry, such as the Ready Mixed Concrete 2000 and Precast Concrete Institute 2010 movements. Supporting these industry-wide initiatives from the start was the work performed by the American Concrete Institute Foundation’s Strategic Development Council (SDC). SDC members resolve issues that often hinder new technology acceptance within the concrete industry. Through SDC’s leadership, the lead time for acceptance of a new idea from its initial proposition to either code acceptance or standard practice can be reduced.

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NASA 3D-Printed Challenge ignites World of Concrete Start-Up Zone

Sources: American Concrete Institute Foundation, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff

The ACI Foundation’s Strategic Development Council (SDC) is the lead sponsor of the Concrete Start-Up Zone, debuting at World of Concrete 2019, January 22-25. Based at Las Vegas Convention Center Booth N153, within the show’s Producer Center, the exhibit will feature emerging technologies and innovations, led by National Aeronautics and Space Administration 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge concepts. Participating teams will discuss the status of their research on 3D printing methods for concrete structures. Additional information on the Start-Up Zone or SDC activities can be obtained from ACI Foundation Assistant Director Tricia Ladely, [email protected]. —

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Agencies issue proposed rule, guidance on contractor ‘Blacklisting’ EO

The federal agencies charged with implementing President Obama’s July 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order have released their much-anticipated proposed rule on this directive. The Department of Labor (DOL) issued a 106-page proposed guidance document, and the Department of Defense (DoD), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), issued a 131-page proposed rule, governing the terms of the so-called “Blacklisting” Executive Order (EO).

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