Blair Block moves first to commercialize CarbonBuilt technology

Sources: CarbonBuilt, Los Angeles; CP staff Alabama’s Blair Block projects an early-2023 debut for low-carbon concrete masonry units produced with the CarbonBuilt Reversa carbon dioxide capture and mineralization process. Reversa deployment stands to reduce Blair Block products’ carbon footprint upward of 80 percent with no compromise on price, performance or plant operations. A production line retrofit at the producer’s Childersburg…

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Lehigh Redding moves to mill SCM from CO2-rich kiln emissions

Lehigh Hanson Inc. and Fortera Inc., a Silicon Valley technology developer wise to calcium carbonate chemistry and mineralization, are teaming to commercialize a process with optimal output for an era of greenhouse gas scrutiny: Converting the carbon dioxide gas emitted to the environment at the front end, or calcining phase, of ASTM C150 powder production into a blendable supplementary cementitious…

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Partnership scales up carbon dioxide-mineralizing aggregate production

Sources: Kamine Development Corp., Bedminster, N.J.; CP staff

Blue Planet and utility infrastructure specialist Kamine Development have teamed to deploy the former company’s mineralization technology for converting power plant carbon dioxide emissions to a concrete-grade, synthetic limestone. The net CO2-sequestration effect has to potential to offset emissions associated with portland cement production and render a concrete mix designed with the synthetic limestone as carbon neutral or negative. 

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