Forta expands fiber portfolio in Helix Steel transaction

Sources: Forta LLC, Grove City, Pa.; CP staf Forta, a fixture in synthetic reinforcing fiber, has acquired Helix Steel LLC, whose Micro Rebar twisted steel reinforcement products suit a variety of concrete applications. “Helix has an incredible portfolio of intellectual property, including several patents and a robust new product development pipeline. Our synthetic fiber and Helix Micro Rebar products will…

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Steel fiber specialist Helix advances Direct Tension concrete testing methodology

Sources: Helix Steel, Ann Arbor, Mich.; CP staff

A proprietary test described in ASTM International’s Journal of Testing and Evaluation provides for direct comparison of steel fiber and conventional rebar concrete specimen tensile properties, according to Helix Steel, developer of Twisted Steel Micro Reinforcement.

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Steel reinforcing fibers: Micro Rebar

97 Helixi 150

Product developers characterize Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar Concrete Reinforcement System as the only code approved material of its kind engineers can confidently specify as a replacement for primary structural reinforcing. Micro-Rebar are .5-mm diameter, 25-mm (1-in.) long fibers of twisted, high tensile (246 ksi), zinc-coated steel wire, dosed at 9 lb. to 70 lb. per cubic yard of concrete. Each pound of product has about 11,500 fibers.

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