Streamlined Slab

Authorized installer Wayne Brothers proves MEGASLAB tendencies to low carbon metrics, high load-bearing potential, plus concrete schedule and jointing optimization The MEGASLAB specification equates to a 70 percent reduction in the amount of jointing that a conventional 9-in. thick alternative would require. The darker, glass-like section shown here has received a final trowel pass and is ready for MEGASpray. Following…

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Performance specs drive dematerialization strategy

Building Transparency, the Seattle-based organization behind the environmental product declaration-fueled Embodied Carbon Calculator (EC3), raises a “less is more” premise for carbon emissions-minded architectural, engineering and construction professionals. Authors of its latest report, Manufacturers Guide to Embodied Carbon, frame “dematerialization” as a strategy where the lowest cost, lowest carbon footprint specification results from a design requiring less raw material per…

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Jointless slab developer targets advanced warehouse, production facilities

Sources: Sinclair Construction Group, Atlanta; CP staff

Sinclair Construction has launched the Megaslab Jointless Concrete System, crediting its design and performance potential for large slab-on-grade project owners to “ground-breaking technology paired with powerful admixtures that create an incredibly dense and impermeable slab, eliminating the need for installing control joints and their associated costs.”

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