Turner: Skilled-labor premiums offsetting minor materials cost decreases

Sources: Turner Construction Co., New York

The First Quarter 2016 Turner Building Cost Index, a key measurement of the U.S. nonresidential market, has increased 1.15 percent from the prior quarter to a value of 970. “The shortage of skilled labor is outweighing the impact of declining material prices,” says Turner Construction Vice President Attilio Rivetti, who compiles the Cost Index. “As the volume of work remains relatively high, we expect subcontractors to continue to be strategic in pursuits, ultimately resulting in upward cost pressures.”

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NRMCA states the business case for investing in quality control

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; CP staff

Set for early-July release, NRMCA’s Improving Concrete Quality shows ready mixed company executives and managers how to boost operational performance; reduce labor and material costs; and, lower the environmental footprint of concrete while raising the overall quality of cast-in-place construction.

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Con-E-Co Unveils Self-Erecting Lo-Pro Decumlative Batch Plant

Con-E-Co Unveils Self-Erecting Lo-Pro Decumlative Batch Plant.

Set for a premier this month in Las Vegas at 2014 World of Concrete, the Lo-Pro 327D model has time- and labor-saving potential, underscored by self-erecting and self-leveling features enabling installation without a crane. The plant can be erected on steel mats, eliminating the need for concrete foundations. It features large capacity (16 yd.) aggregate weighing bins with a low 10 ft., 7 in. charging height.

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