Manitou beefs up medium and high capacity forklift series


Eight new diesel-powered industrial forklift models, rated at 8,000 to 22,000 lbs, offer medium and high capacity options in the Manitou MI Range. The machines are designed for heavy-duty applications indoors or out, as their tires, engine power and robust components sustain intense use in precast, concrete pipe and other production settings.

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Industrial forklifts

Manufacturer has included four internal combustion models as part of an expansion bringing its ME/MI Industrial Forklift Range to 27 machines. Ahead of 12 diesel models on tap for 2018 is the introduction of LPG-powered MI 20G, 25G, 30G and 35G trucks with 3,900- to 7,000-lb. lift capacities and 7,980- to 10,450-lb. operating weight.— Manitou Americas, West Bend, Wis.,

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