Ground limestone-bearing cement nears 50 percent of British Columbia shipments

Sources: Cement Association of Canada (CAC), Ottawa; CP staff

Two years after its launch across Canada, an industry-branded portland cement with up to 15 percent ground limestone content—promoted for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent against conventionally milled powder—has gained significant traction among concrete producers and their customers.

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ASTM raises bar to generous threshold for C595’s ground limestone content

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association; CP staff

In a move that will provide the opportunity for the cement and concrete industries to reduce products’ carbon footprint, a proposal was approved to permit up to 15 percent ground limestone in blended cements under ASTM C595 (Blended Hydraulic Cements), with the resulting product characterized as limestone blended cements. Similar revisions are being made to the equivalent AASHTO standard by the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials. Under C595, there was previously no specifically stated limit on ground limestone content.

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