Giant Cement deal brings sixth Latin America market player to U.S.

Sources: Elementia S.A.B. de C.V., Mexico City; CP staff

Elementia is set for an early-November closing on a 55 percent stake in Giant Cement Holding Inc. through a deal with Madrid-based Cementos Portland Valderrivas, S.A. Giant Cement spans namesake, Dragon Products Co. and Keystone brands, respectively, across South Carolina, Maine and Pennsylvania cement plants, totaling 2.8 million tons/year capacity; six terminals serving New England, New York, Virginia and the Carolinas; three limestone and two sand & gravel operations; and, four waste handling and processing sites.

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Supreme Court sides with hardscape dealer Haluch Gravel in Operating Engineers pension case

Sources: U.S. Supreme Court; Oyez Archive/Kent College of Law, Chicago; CP staff

The Supreme Court has reversed a U.S. Court of Appeals decision for plaintiffs (Funds), led by the Central Pension Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers, which had pursued additional contributions and reimbursement of litigation expenses from Ray Haluch Gravel Co.

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