ACI spotlights Low-Carbon Concrete Code at global climate conference

Sources: NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff  American Concrete Institute and NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete previewed ACI 323, Low-Carbon Concrete Code at (Conference of Parties) COP28, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-hosted meeting in Dubai. The soon-to-be-released document was the subject of an…

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Multinational cement players team to back six carbon management consortia

Sources: Global Cement and Concrete Association, London; CP staff An unprecedented research, development and commercialization project under the Global Cement and Concrete Association aligns multinational producers and proprietors of technologies aimed at streamlining or capturing and utilizing carbon dioxide emissions from cement plants or other major industrial sources. The project teams permutations of major European, Latin American and Asian cement…

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Market forces best regulators for aligning cement and concrete with Paris Accord

Associated Builders & Contractors officials emphasize regulatory reform in their endorsement of President Trump for a second term. Nowhere is their praise more warranted—and substance of their observations better validated—than in his June 2017 withdrawal from the Paris Accord. Recall how that faux treaty, finalized in December 2015 under the United Nations Conference of Parties, held signatories to voluntary greenhouse…

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Carbon neutral-minded concrete, cement leaders unveil ‘2050 Climate Ambition’

Sources: Global Cement and Concrete Association, London; CP staff

Forty leading cement and concrete companies envision a 30-year route to carbon neutrality in “2050 Climate Ambition,” billed as the first statement of its kind on driving down the carbon dioxide footprint of the world’s most used man-made material.

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The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has named 21 rising stars from producer and associate member companies for the 2020 Developing Industry Leaders program: Master Builders Solutions’ Mason Booth and Matthew Wilson; Aggregate Industries’ Jenay Brown, Dan Corneau and Matthew Riggi; Titan America’s Marty Elkes, Jr. and David Novitzki (S&W Ready Mix Concrete) and Justin Walker (Roanoke Cement); Euclid Chemical’s Jason Jimenez; Irving Materials’ Andrew Mercker, Tyler Stanley and Kyle Norwood; Oremus Material’s Alireza Nili; Dickinson Ready Mix’s Ben Olin; U.S. Concrete’s Francis Pico-Llerena and Luis Soto-Rivas; Coast 2 Coast’s Micah Red Elk; CalPortland’s William Regis; Bayou Concrete’s Leighton Reynolds; Preferred Materials’ Frank Russo-Alesi; and, Maschmeyer Concrete’s Michael Tucker.

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Research network ties industry, scientific institutions

Source: Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), London

GCCA has formed Innovandi, the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network, aiming to drive innovation with actionable findings and build on the industry’s sustainability advances since 1990—among them an 18.3 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per ton of cementitious material and eight-fold increase in the use of fossil fuel alternatives for portland cement production. The initiative was launched October 10 during the GCCA Annual Conference in Singapore. 

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