ERP Implementation

Investment in an enterprise resource planning system can represent a considerable cost, but if done right, the benefits will be realized in a relatively short time. Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” is 1,000 pages of overwhelming complication. Very few people have succeeded in reading it cover to cover. That, my friends, pales in comparison to the Herculean task of selecting…

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Customer Segmentation Service Levels

Group customers by their technology and service needs to become the supplier of choice. Worldwide, the production of ready mixed concrete is fundamentally the same. A plant in Dallas operates similar to plants in Dubai, Dublin and even Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam. The needs of customers, however, can be radically different—and that’s without taking into account their unique geographies.  In…

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Bim, Erp Integration Key To Future Of Software For The Precast Industry


Two acronyms go well together, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BIM (Building Information Modeling). But what is the relationship between BIM & ERP? Why is it important to understand both? And what possible interest could more software have to a precaster? BIM and ERP each represent one half of the whole software automation picture as it relates to precast concrete manufacturing. Integrated and taken together, BIM & ERP will provide precast producers the design, production control and financial management tools they need to fully take advantage of the coming revolution in building construction.

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