Modular, freestanding bridge cranes

The recently introduced XW expands and extends the manufacturer’s Nomad Freestanding Crane line. The model affords overall widths and heights up to 60 feet and 25 feet, along with 2- to 20-ton capacities. The modular series provides flexible solutions for plant operators when handling needs change, or a traditional overhead crane installation is either difficult or impractical. Base plate design…

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EMH tailors new gantry series to expedited design and ordering

66 EMH 150

A recently introduced, full line of Standard Gantry Crane solutions allows customers to design, price and order a wide range of models by themselves. The cranes are available in single- or double-leg configurations; 3-, 5-, 7.5-, or 10-ton capacities; and, 20- to 56-ft. spans. All incorporate appropriately sized hoists and end trucks. Customers decide between configurations and capacities, while the Standard Gantry Chart does the rest.

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