ASTM standard economizes concrete specimen strength testing

Sources: ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa. ASTM Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates’ proposed WK82351, New Test Method for Measurement of a Dominant Resonant Mode of a Concrete Specimen, will provide a fast, simple, non-destructive method for measuring strength. It can be performed most anywhere and—pending further data collection, validation and calibrations—stands to benefit stakeholders across a concrete project. 

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Command Alkon managers secure patent on mixing process, strength predictability

Sources: Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.; CP staff

Command Alkon product design and programming veterans Bob Phare and Charlene Hohl have been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,533,429 – System and Process for Mixing Concrete Having Desired Strength Characteristics. It covers methods for a) rapidly determining the predicted strength of concrete prior to pouring; and, b) creating and maintaining a database in which mix designs and their performance characteristics can be logged and updated as hardened concrete’s actual strength is measured. Functions based on the technology will be incorporated in future versions of the quality control platform, COMMANDqc.

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Embedded device tracks concrete strength, temperature

Quadrel has extended its quality control and enterprise software platforms for concrete production with vOrb, billing it as an “Internet of Concrete” solution akin to Internet of Things devices. The slab- or structure-embedded sensor alerts users on real-time concrete strength, indicating appropriate point of formwork removal; floor slab humidity levels; mass concrete temperatures; and, cylinder maturity. With vOrb, Quadrel contends, owners can access project quality data, contractors can accelerate construction, and producers can upsell as a value-add for performance mixes. — Quadrel Inc., Pittsburgh, 888/833-5557;,

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NRMCA’s Richard D. Gaynor, 1931-2014

Source: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

A 42-year NRMCA and National Aggregates Association veteran, widely recognized for contributions to development of cement, concrete strength and durability testing, plus returned mix and truck wash water reuse standards, Richard Gaynor died July 16 in Maryland.

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